Census & Directory Data


Census records on this web site are reproduced by kind permission of The National Archives (Public Record Office) UK; please note that copyright remains with that authority. The original records for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1881 ,1891 and 1901 can be viewed on The National Archives website.

Each household throughout England was given a form to complete on the night of the census. Enumerators subsequently collected the forms, but the information recorded would very occasionally be their own interpretation of what was said, as not everyone could read or write. The details, spelling and ages could therefore be a little different to the true facts, and the understanding of these records may have led to further errors being introduced.

  • 1851 Census   (30th March 1851 – National Archives Reference H.O.107/1738)
  • 1871 Census   (2nd April 1871 – National Archives Reference RG10/1479)
  • 1901 Census   (31st March 1901 – National Archives Reference RG13/1418)

1936 Directory

The 1936 Directory listing was taken from the Northampton County Borough Directory, published in September 1936 by R. D. Whipple, Son & Martin Ltd, East Street, Mills, Leeds 9. It is full of wonderful advertisements with additional information about the householders in Northampton and some of the adjacent villages, including Milton Malsor.

One can only guess at this stage how the author obtained the information, perhaps from a voters list and/or with the assistance of the business fraternity as there is no clue how they acquired their facts. In the front of the Northampton County Borough Directory there is a disclaimer as to the accuracy of the information and consequently MMHS must add the same disclaimer as the record is no more than an extract from that directory. However if you are able to contribute further or verify the record in any way, our webmaster would be please to be made aware of the detail.

Please note that any further reference to the original records should be authorised by the Northampton Record Office.