Extracts of the 1851 Census for Milton Malsor Village

Entry Street Surname Christian name Relation to head of family Condition Age Male Age Female Rank, profession or occupation Where born
1 COLES George Head Married 23 Out of employment Blisworth
COLES Diana Wife Married 29 Newport Pagnell
CROSS George Son in law 6 Scholar Newport Pagnell
CROSS Isabel daughter in law 4 Scholar Newport Pagnell
BOSWORTH George Uncle Widdower 86 Retired builder Kettering
WINGROVE Jane Servant U 17 House servant Collingtree
2 HOWARD Mary Head Widow 76 Pauper Tadbrook, Warw
3 DUNKLEY David Head Married 47 Carpenter Collingtree
DUNKLEY Charlotte Wife Married 48 Whilton
DUNKLEY William Son U 15 Carpenter Milton
DUNKLEY David Son 10 Milton
DUNKLEY Mary Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
DUNKLEY Leonard Son 6 Milton
SMITH William Journeyman U 21 Carpenter Dallington
4 COUCH James Head Married 40 Shoemaker Milton
COUCH Susannah Wife Married 41 Byfield
LEVER William Lodger U 28 Masons labourer Milton
LEVER John Lodger U 26 Labourer Milton
5 COCKERIL John Head Married 43 Railway labourer Milton
COCKERIL Harriott Wife Married 32 Milton
COCKERIL David Son 9 Scholar Milton
COCKERIL John Son 7 Scholar Milton
COCKERIL Edward Son 3 Scholar Milton
COCKERIL William Lodger U 45 Labourer Milton
6 Ham Lodge MANNING John Head Married 43 Farmer of 210 acres Kislingbury
MANNING Eliza Wife Married 34 Maidwell
MANNING Frederick Son 12 Scholar at home Rothersthorpe
MANNING John Son 10 Scholar at home Rothersthorpe
MANNING Catherine Daughter 8 Scholar at home Maidwell
MANNING William Son 6 Scholar at home Milton
MANNING Thomas Son 4 Scholar at home Milton
MANNING Ann Daughter 2 Scholar at home Milton
MANNING Charles Son 10 months Milton
HOLLOWAY Elizabeth Governess U 22 Governess Market Harborough, Leic
PARTRIDGE Mary Ann Servant U 19 House Servant Barton Seagrave
JAMES Jane Servant U 16 House Servant Rothersthorpe
LEA Robert Servant U 17 House Servant Maidwell
7 PHIPPS Mary Ann Head Widow 29 Baker Middleton Cheney
PHIPPS William Henry Son 5 Milton
CASWELL Thomas Journeyman U 23 Journeyman Baker Milton
COCKERILL Elizabeth Servant 12 Servant Milton
8 COX George Head Married 23 Butcher Dingley
COX Anne Wife Married 23 Blisworth
9 LAW John Head I 23 Farmer of 24 acres Middleton Cheney
10 DENT Elizabeth Head Widow 67 Land proprietor Northampton All Saints
DENT Harriott Daughter U 30 Lady Milton
CLARKE Charlotte Servant U 30 House servant Roade
11 PELL Mary Head Widow 59 Widow Milton
HILL Ann Daughter Married 37 Milton
CORY William Lodger I 26 Labourer Milton
12 SMITH Thomas Head Married 40 Plate layer railway Long Buckby
SMITH Sarah Wife Married 33 Guilsborough
SMITH Thomas Son 16 Farm labourer Rothersthorpe
SMITH Elizabeth Daughter 5 Milton
SMITH Henry Son 3 Milton
SMITH Mary Daughter 9 months Milton
MATHEWS Mary Neice 13 Guilsborough
13 WOOD Thomas Head Married 40 Farm labourer Seaton Rutland
WOOD Sarah Wife Married 38 Enderby, Leics
WOOD Mary Ann Daughter U 12 Lacemaker Milton
WOOD Frances Daughter U 11 Lacemaker Milton
WOOD Elizabeth Daughter 8 Lacemaker Milton
WOOD Kame Daughter 7 Lacemaker Milton
WOOD Emma Daughter 5 Lacemaker Milton
WOOD Martha Daughter 3 Milton
WOOD Rebecca Daughter 3 Milton
WOOD Maria Daughter 2 Milton
14 DUNKLEY John Head Married 56 Labourer Milton
DUNKLEY Elizabeth Wife Married 60 Duston
15 CHURCH Joseph Head Married 44 Occupying 4 acres of land Milton
CHURCH Frances Wife Married 46 Milton
CHURCH William Son U 23 Labourer Milton
CHURCH Charlotte Daughter U 20 Dressmaker Milton
CHURCH Benjamin Son U 18 Labourer Milton
CHURCH Daniel Son U 15 Labourer Milton
CHURCH Joseph Son 13 Milton
CHURCH James Son 9 Milton
CHURCH Henry Son 3 Milton
16 HODGES William Head Married 37 Farm Labourer Milton
HODGES Sarah Wife Married 36 Milton
HODGES John Son 9 Scholar Milton
HODGES William Son 3 Milton
HODGES George Son 2 Milton
HODGES Alfred Son 1 month Milton
HODGES Hannah Sister to Head U 24 Milton
17 WESTLEY Hannah Head Married 36 Labourers wife Wollaston
WESTLEY William Son 6 months Milton
18 CASWELL John Head Married 36 Milton
CASWELL Elizabeth Wife Married 30 Milton
CASWELL Emma Daughter 9 Milton
CASWELL Mary Ann Daughter 6 Milton
CASWELL Jane Daughter 1 Milton
19 WEBB James Head Married 34 Platelayer on railway Bradlow Bucks
WEBB Susanna Wife Married 35 Rothersthorpe
WEBB Sarah Daughter U 14 Rothersthorpe
WEBB Elizabeth Daughter 12 Rothersthorpe
TOMKINS Elizabeth Visitor Married 42 Rothersthorpe
BEDFORD Steven Lodger U 24 Labourer on railway Cogenhoe
20 HURST James Head Married 54 Gardener Aslebeach
HURST Ester Wife Married 54 Hardingstone
HURST John Son U 20 Shoemaker Milton
HURST Henry Son U 17 Labourer Milton
HURST Elizabeth Daughter U 15 Milton
HURST William Grandson 11 Northampton
22 Milton House MONTGOMERY William Head U 53 Landed proprietor Guilsborough
MONTGOMERY Harriott Sister U 46 Lady Milton
HUNT Anne Sister Married 45 Lady Milton
MONTGOMERY Sophia Sister U 39 Lady Milton
HUNT Fredrick Brother in law Married 46 Landed proprietor Stamford, Lincs
JEFFERY Caroline servant U 24 Cook East Haddon
GARDINER Harriott servant U 19 Housemaid Holcot
23 MARKS William Head Married 40 Note 1 Farmer occupying 34 acres 2 labourers Milton Note 1
MARKS Elizabeth Wife Married 52 Milton
MARKS Sarah Jane Daughter U 12 Milton
CHURCH William Father in law Widower 74 Pauper Milton
24 GOODRIDGE Benjamin Head Married 49 Groom Hartwell
GOODRIDGE Mary Wife Married 50 Cranfield, Beds
25 DUNKLEY Benjamin Head Married 33 Labourer Milton
DUNKLEY Susanna Wife Married 23 Hardingstone
DUNKLEY Samuel Son 7 Milton
DUNKLEY Lydia Daughter 3 months Milton
26 Rectory House KERSHAW Thomas Head Married 34 Rector Orenskirk, Lancs
KERSHAW Mary Wife Married 26 Rectors wife Whitchurch, Salop
LEE John Father in law Married 54 Solicitor ?
LEE Mary Anne Mother in law Married 50 Solicitors wife Island of Minorca
LEE John Brother in law U 19 Whitchurch, Salop
SWALES Joseph Servant U 20 Groom Kempston, Beds
FOWLES Eliza Servant U 27 Cook Whitchurch, Salop
HOPCRAFT Elizabeth Servant U 21 Housemaid Tiffield
27 ROBINSON Joseph Head Married 42 Occupier of 104 acres of land Wilby
ROBINSON Harriott Wife Married 47 Heyford
ROBINSON Charles Son 13 Work on land Rushden
ROBINSON Edward Son 12 Work on land Rushden
ROBINSON Joseph Son 8 Milton
ROBINSON William Son 5 Milton
LINNEL Mary Servant U 25 House servant Kislingbury
28 Rectory Farm PELL Benjamin Head Married 36 Farmer of 206 acres of land Milton
PELL Martha Wife Married 31 Chapel Brampton
PELL Benjamin Son 7 Spratton
PELL Harriott Daughter 6 Spratton
PELL Martha Sophia Daughter 4 Milton
PELL John Charles Son 2 Milton
PELL Fredrick Son 1 Milton
CRIER? Ann Servant U 21 House Servant Hollowell
PENFOLD? Elizabeth Servant U 20 House Servant Blisworth
BALDWIN William Servant U 20 Farm Labourer Church Brampton
29 FISHER Nicholas Head 43 farmer 366 acres London, Bermondsey
FISHER Selina Wife 41 Middlesex St Lukes
FISHER Elizabeth Daughter 11 Scholar at home Milton
FISHER Selina Daughter 10 Scholar at home Milton
FISHER Rachael Daughter 8 Scholar at home Milton
FISHER Ellen Daughter 7 Scholar at home Milton
FISHER Emily Daughter 5 Scholar at home Milton
FISHER Marianne Daughter 4 Milton
FISHER Louisa Clara Daughter 2 Milton
FISHER Lucy Anne Daughter 1 Milton
FACER Isabella Rosa Daughter 1 month Milton
HOLLOWELL Rebecca Widow 57 Monthly nurse Clipstone
PRITCHARD Martha Governess U 18 Governess Tahiti, South Seas
TURNER Rebecca Servant U 21 Cook Stevington
FACER Matilda Servant U 27 Housemaid Bucks
FORD Elizabeth Servant U 23 Nurse Maid Welford
30 GARRETT Martha Head Married 31 Dressmaker Northampton St Giles
GARRETT Anne Daughter 8 Milton
31 TRESSLER John Head Married 63 Labourer Harpole
TRESSLER Charlotte Wife Married 52 Blisworth
TRESSLER Comfort Daughter U 16 Milton
32 WOOD James Head Married 33 Labourer Seaton, Rutland
WOOD Sophia Wife Married 27 Milton
WOOD Mary Daughter 5 Milton
WOOD Lucy Daughter 4 Seaton, Rutland
WOOD Thomas Son 4 months Milton
33 TURLAND William Head Widdower 75 Gardener Collingtree
TURLAND Selina Daughter U 20 Milton
HILYAD? John Lodger Married 27 Mason Piddington
HILYAD? Eliza Lodgers wife Married 20 Oakley? Bucks
HILYAD? William Son 6 months Piddington
34 HARRISON Benjamin Head Widower 40 Railway labourer Backswell? WAR
HARRISON Benjamin Son 13 Coventry WAR
HARRISON Joseph Son 10 Milton
35 FISHER Joseph Head U 32 Farm labourer Milton
CLARKE John Lodger U 19 Farm labourer Milton
36 HOUGHTON Andrew Head Married 31 Farm labourer Milton
HOUGHTON Sarah Wife Married 30 Milton
HOUGHTON William Son 6 Milton
HOUGHTON Thomas Son 3 Milton
HOUGHTON Joseph Son 6 months Milton
37 SHERMAN Elizabeth Head Widow 51 Farmer of 55 acres land Blisworth
SHERMAN William Son U 28 Employed on the farm Milton
SHERMAN Sarah Daughter U 23 Dressmaker Milton
SHERMAN John Son U 18 Employed on the farm Milton
SHERMAN Ann Daughter U 15 Milton
SHERMAN Samuel Son 12 Scholar Milton
SHERMAN Elizabeth Daughter 10 Milton
SHERMAN Jacob Nephew U 22 Labourer Creaton
38 JOHNSON William Head Married 56 Publican & Bricklayer Milton
JOHNSON Ann Wife Married 54 Blisworth
JOHNSON Elizabeth Granddaughter 10 Scholar Relmshurst? Beds
JOHNSON Lucy Granddaughter 8 Scholar Milton
BLUNT Sarah Servant U 19 House Servant Rothersthorpe
39 HOUGHTON John Head Married 38 Labourer Milton
HOUGHTON Sarah Wife Married 38 Blisworth
HOUGHTON Samuel Son U 17 Labourer Blisworth
HOUGHTON Ester Daughter 11 Milton
HOUGHTON Ann Daughter 7 Milton
HOUGHTON David Son 3 Milton
SLINN Susanna Visitor U 19 Northampton All Saints
40 BARTON Mathias Head Married 23 Labourer Milton
BARTON Mary Wife Married 21 Milton
BARTON Sarah Daughter 1 month Milton
41 JOHNSON Edward Head Married 28 Bricklayer Milton
JOHNSON Harriott Wife Married 26 Milton
JOHNSON William Son 7 months Milton
42 ALLEN Mary Head U 70 Pauper Milton
ALLEN Ann Daughter U 22 Pauper Halesowen, Shropshire?
43 WESTLEY William Head Married 70 Pauper Milton
WESTLEY Ann Wife Married 75 Pauper Collingtree
44 LEVER William Head U 50 Proprietor of Houses Hardingstone
LEVER Mary Cousin U 41 Stony Stratford
LEVER Anne Cousin U 40 Stony Stratford
45 POWEL Enoch Head Married 29 Draper Kislingbury
POWEL Mary Ann Wife Married 28 Strawbonnet maker Milton
POWEL Fred Son 6 Scholar Milton
POWEL Abraham Son 4 Milton
POWEL Thomas Son 2 Milton
46 ELLIOTT William Head Married 51 Blacksmith Wicken Bucks
ELLIOTT Elizabeth Wife Married 46 Blisworth
ELLIOTT Sophia Jane Daughter U 22 Milton
ELLIOTT William Son U 20 Blacksmith Milton
ELLIOTT Robert Son U 14 Milton
ELLIOTT Samuel Son 12 Scholar Milton
ELLIOTT Elizabeth Leah Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
ELLIOTT Avery Ann Daughter 5 Milton
47 ROBINSON John Head Married 40 Wheelwright Rothersthorpe
ROBINSON Sarah Wife Married 39 Labourer Milton
ROBINSON Charles Son U 19 Labourer Milton
ROBINSON Thomas Son U 17 Milton
ROBINSON Elizabeth Daughter 13 Milton
ROBINSON Mary Daughter 11 Milton
ROBINSON John Son 8 Milton
ROBINSON Daniel Son 6 Milton
ROBINSON William Son 4 Milton
ROBINSON Jane Sarah Daughter 9 months Milton
48 GARLICK Thomas Head Married 39 Shoemaker Milton
GARLICK Jane Wife Married 37 Milton
GARLICK Thomas Son U 15 Shoemaker Milton
GARLICK Mary Ann Daughter 6 Milton
WHITNEE John Father in law Widower 65 Newnam
49 CASWELL Elizabeth Head Widow 60 Pauper Northampton All Saints
CASWELL Henry Son U 27 Labourer Milton
CASWELL James Son U 19 Labourer Milton
50 BLAUN? John Head Married 35 Labourer Shenley Bucks
BLAUN? Ann Wife Married 34 Milton
BLAUN? Elizabeth Daughter 8 Milton
BLAUN? Allice Daughter 3 Milton
BLAUN? John Son 2 Milton
WELLINS Allice Mother in law Widow 60 Milton
51 SURRIDGE Joseph Head Widower 42 Farm labourer Blisworth
SURRIDGE Elizabeth Daughter U 19 Milton
SURRIDGE Sarah Daughter U 17 Milton
SURRIDGE Mary Daughter 1 Milton
52 COCKERIL Thomas Head Married 36 Farm labourer Milton
COCKERIL Lucy Wife Married 33 Ecton
COCKERIL George Son 11 Labourer Milton
COCKERIL Thomas Son 9 Milton
COCKERIL Mary Daughter 6 Milton
COCKERIL Benjamin Son 3 Milton
53 GLEED William Head Married 45 Farm Labourer Milton
GLEED Elizabeth Wife Married 47 Boddicott, Oxfordshire
GLEED William Son U 35 Farm Labourer Milton
CROWLEY Samuel Lodger U 45 Farm Labourer Milton
54 NICHOLS Thomas Head Married 24 Railway labourer Milton
NICHOLS Comfort Wife Married 26 Milton
NICHOLS Ann Daughter 1 Milton
ADDINGTON Sophia Mother in law Widow 78 Beds Nouvel?
55 GIBBONS Richard Head 40 Groom Milton
GIBBONS Emma Wife 44 Syresham
GIBBONS Mary Daughter 9 Milton
56 MARRIOTT Thomas Head Married 38 Farm Labourer Milton
MARRIOTT Mary Wife Married 40 Milton
57 CASWELL George Head Married 34 Milk Man Milton
CASWELL Susanna Wife Married 31 Dress maker Moulton
CASWELL Caroline Daughter 9 Milton
CASWELL Elizabeth Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
CASWELL William Son 3 Milton
CASWELL Ann Daughter 6 months Milton
58 MORRIN Abraham Head U 50 Gardener Milton
MORRIN Elizabeth Sister U 51 Milton
MORRIN Elizabeth Cousin U 26 Milton
59 WESTLEY Robert Campion Head Married 26 Malster & Grazier of 40 acres Blisworth
WESTLEY Anne Wife Married 25 Rothersthorpe
SUTTON George Servant U 26 Malster Little Houghton
EDWARDS Charlotte Servant U 16 House Servant Oddington, Oxon
60 CRADDOCK Edward Head Married 30 Railway Labourer Milton
CRADDOCK Sarah Wife Married 29 Collingtree
CRADDOCK Matilda Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
CRADDOCK Catherine Daughter 5 Milton
CRADDOCK Mary Ann Daughter 3 Milton
CRADDOCK Elizabeth Daughter 1 Milton
61 CORY Nathan Head Married 72 Milton
CORY Ann Wife Married 64 Milton
62 CROWLEY William Head Married 44 Farm labourer Hardingstone
CROWLEY Jane Wife Married 38 Milton
CROWLEY Jane Daughter U 17 Milton
CROWLEY Samuel Son U 15 Labourer Milton
CROWLEY William Son 12 Labourer Milton
CROWLEY Charles Son 10 Milton
CROWLEY John Son 5 Milton
CROWLEY James Son 1 month Milton
GLEED John Father Widower 72 Milton
63 OXLEY Benjamin Head Married 36 Farm labourer Milton
OXLEY Lucy Wife Married 37 Duston
OXLEY William Son 17 Labourer Milton
OXLEY Mary Daughter 11 Milton
OXLEY Lucy Daughter 8 Milton
OXLEY Frances Daughter 5 Milton
OXLEY Benjamin Son 3 Milton
OXLEY Elizabeth Mother Widow 72 Pauper Hanslope, Bucks
SMITH Ann Visitor U 14 Duston
64 LACK John Head Married 34 Plate layer on Railway Kislingbury
LACK Eliza Wife Married 32 Byfield
LACK John Son 10 Byfield
LACK William Son 8 Dover, Kent
LACK Thomas Son 5 Milton
LACK Matilda Daughter 1 Milton
65 COCKERIL Mary Head Widow 49 Leicester
COCKERIL Samuel Son U 15 Labourer Milton
COCKERIL George Son U 18 Milton
66 HODGES Josiah Head Married 34 Farm labourer Milton
HODGES Mary Wife Married 28 Hardingstone
HODGES John son 4 Milton
HODGES Joseph Son 2 Milton
67 FISHER George Head Married 38 Labourer Milton
FISHER Elizabeth Wife Married 32 London
FISHER Henry Son 12 Milton
FISHER Elizabeth Daughter 4 Milton
FISHER George Son 1 Milton
68 ROBINSON Charles Head Married 22 Labourer Shedington? Bucks
ROBINSON Charlotte Wife Married 30 Rothersthorpe
BILLINGHAM George Son in law 7 Rothersthorpe
ROBINSON James Son 2 Milton
69 MARRIOTT Josiah Head Married 26 Shoemaker Milton
MARRIOTT Elizabeth Wife Married 26 Ravensthorpe
MARRIOTT Elizabeth Daughter 3 Milton
MARRIOTT William Son 1 Milton
MARRIOTT William Father Widower 72 Milton
MARRIOTT George Cousin U 47 Labourer Milton
70 VOSS Thomas Head Married 31 Labourer Cambridge
VOSS Ann Wife Married 41 Milton
VOSS Elizabeth Daughter 11 Scholar Milton
71 OXLEY Jane Head Married 34 Collingtree
OXLEY Sarah Daughter 11 Milton
OXLEY Frederick Son 9 Milton
OXLEY Lueza Daughter 6 Milton
OXLEY Elizabeth Daughter 4 Milton
OXLEY George Son 3 Milton
OXLEY William Son 1 Milton
72 FLETCHER William Head Married 29 Farm Labourer Milton
FLETCHER Ester Wife Married 27 Bugbrooke
FLETCHER George Son 4 Milton
73 MARKS George Head Married 33 Labourer Milton
MARKS Elizabeth Wife Married 32 Denton
MARKS Sarah Daughter 11 Milton
MARKS Jane Daughter 9 Milton
MARKS Edward Son 6 Milton
MARKS Joseph Son 4 Milton
MARKS Priscilla Daughter 1 Milton
74 DIGBY William Head Married 47 Labourer Ireland, Dousmand?
DIGBY Fanny Wife Married 50 Milton
DIGBY Mary Daughter U 27 Lacemaker Milton
DIGBY Joseph Son 12 Milton
DIGBY Harriett Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
DIGBY Thomas Son 8 Milton
DIGBY James Son 7 Milton
75 LILLEY James Head Married 60 Publican Irchester
LILLEY Lucy Wife Married 57 Tiffield
POWEL George Nephew U 15 Silverstone
76 MARRIOTT Edmund? Head Married 25 Groom Milton
MARRIOTT Christianna Wife Married 34 Weedon Beck
HILTON Joseph Son 2 Milton
MARRIOTT Edmund Son 7 Milton
MARRIOTT Sarah Sister U 11 Milton
77 HURST Abel Head Married 26 Labourer Milton
HURST Elenor Wife Married 30 ?
78 MORRIN James Head Widower 60 Labourer on railway Milton
MORRIN Elizabeth Daughter U 27 Milton
MORRIN James Son U 23 Labourer Milton
MORRIN Abraham Son U 20 Shoemaker Milton
MORRIN Comfort Daughter U 17 Milton
79 GARLICK Samuel Head Married 31 Shoemaker Pattishall
GARLICK Ann Wife Married 30 Paddington, Middlesex
GARLICK Mary Daugher 9 Milton
GARLICK Elizabeth Daughter 5 Milton
GARLICK Sarah Daughter 3 Milton
GARLICK Jane Daughter 1 Milton
80 CORY John Head Married 25 Labourer Milton
CORY Mary Wife Married 27 Milton
CORY Jane Daughter 3 Northampton All Saints
CORY Nathan Son 1 Milton
81 HOBBS William Head Married 40 Shoemaker Milton
HOBBS Sarah Wife Married 32 Blisworth
HOBBS Mary Daughter 12 Blisworth
HOBBS Elizabeth Daughter 10 Castlethorpe, Bucks
HOBBS Ann Daughter 9 Great Linford, Bucks
HOBBS Catherine Daughter 7 Milton
HOBBS George Son 5 Milton
HOBBS Thomas Son 3 Blisworth
HOBBS John Cousin U 16 Yardley Gobion
HOBBS Jane Daughter 3 months Milton
82 TWISTLETON Simon Head Married 64 Labourer Milton
TWISTLETON Elener Wife Married 70 Culliton? Devon
83 JOHNSON Joseph Head Widower 70 Stone Mason Milton
MOORING Ann Housekeeper U 66 Milton
84 COLLIER William Head Married 55 Shoemaker Little Houghton
COLLIER Millicent Wife Married 55 Flore
COLLIER Mary Daughter U 17 Milton
85 JOHNSON John Head Married 52 Bricklayer Milton
JOHNSON Sarah Wife Married 51 Harlestone
JOHNSON Mary Anne Daughter U 18 ? Maker Milton
86 ALLEN Hannah Head U 68 Pauper Milton
ALLEN Edward Grandson 7 Milton
PALMER Sarah Wife Married 22 Milton
PALMER William Son 4 Milton
PALMER Mary Ann Daughter 1 month Milton
88 LEVER Francis Head Widow 60 Fund Holder Towcester
JENKINSON Thomas Brother U 45 Fund Holder Towcester
WORLEY Charles Visitor U 20 Fund Holder Aston, WAR
WORLEY William Visitor Married 55 Fund Holder Stony Stratford, Bucks
WOODWARD Maria Servant U 19 House Servant Stoke Bruerne
89 MARRIOTT Thomas Head Married 62 Baptist Minister Denton
MARRIOTT Mary Ann Wife Married 21 London St Lukes, MDX
BILLING Mary Ann Servant U 18 House Servant Pattishall
90 TWISTLETON Joseph Head Married 70 Pauper Milton
TWISTLETON Elizabeth Wife Married 68 Milton
TWISTLETON Henry Son U 23 Labourer Milton
91 FOXLEY Mary Head U 61 Lacemaker Cor? BKM
HOBBS Elizabeth Lodger 9 Milton
92 GREGORY Henry Head U 27 Farm Labourer Milton
DIGBY William Brother in law Married 22 Farm Labourer Milton
DIGBY Eliza Wife Married 22 Milton
DIGBY Susanna Daughter 2 Milton
DIGBY Pricila Daughter 3 months Milton
93 ALLEN William Head Married 32 Farm Labourer Milton
ALLEN Elizabeth Wife Married 32 Milton
ALLEN Edward Son 7 Scholar Milton
ALLEN John Son 4 Milton
ALLEN William Son 2 Milton
94 MARRIOTT John Head Married 38 Labourer Milton
MARRIOTT Ann Wife Married 39 Rothersthorpe
MARRIOTT Susanna Daughter U 16 Milton
95 BLUNT William Head Married 50 Labourer Milton
BLUNT Ann Wife Married 48 Blisworth
BLUNT Thomas Son U 15 Labourer Milton
BLUNT Mary Daughter 11 Milton
BLUNT Charles Son 8 Scholar Milton
96 WILSON Joseph Head Married 52 Shepherd Creaton
WILSON Ann Wife Married 52 Cottersbrook
WILSON John Son U 15 Milton
97 ASHBY Thomas Head Widower 55 Labourer Rothersthorpe
ASHBY Mary Daughter in law Widower 24 Housekeeper Gayton
ASHBY Harriott Daughter 1 Milton
98 CLARKE Abraham Head Married 34 Gardener of 3 acres 1 labourer Milton
CLARKE Elizabeth Wife Married 37 Northampton
CLARKE John Son 7 Milton
CLARKE Alfred Son 1 Milton
CLARKE Ann Mother Widow 60 Nurse Clipstone
BLUNT Sarah Servant U 18 House Servant Milton
99 BRAY William Head Married 48 Grinder Milton
BRAY Mary Wife Married 47 Rothersthorpe
BRAY William Son U 17 Labourer Milton
BRAY Ann Daughter 11 Milton
BRAY Harriott Daughter 6 Milton
100 TRESSLOR Mager? Head Married 23 Farm Labourer Milton
TRESSLOR Caroline Wife Married 23 Holcot
DICKINS William Visitor U 13 Holcot
101 MARRIOTT Steven Head Widower 77 Land & House proprietor Milton
MARRIOTT Elizabeth Housekeeper Widow 73 Housekeeper Brafield
102 HODGES Henry Head Married 50 Occupier of 4 acres of land Rothersthorpe
HODGES Mary Wife Married 53 Milton
HODGES William Son U 20 Farm Labourer Milton
HODGES Jane Daughter U 17 Milton
HODGES David Son 11 Milton
103 HODGES Joseph Head Widower 72 Occupier of 2 acres of land Rothersthorpe
104 ROBINSON William Head Married 57 Shoemaker Milton
ROBINSON Harriott Wife Married 44 Shoemaker Sherington, Bucks
ROBINSON George Son 13 Milton
ROBINSON Fredrick Son 12 Milton
ROBINSON Harriett Daughter 10 Milton
ROBINSON Emma Daughter 7 Milton
105 DIGBY Mathew Head Married 41 Labourer Milton
DIGBY Maria Wife Married 31 Milton
DIGBY Samuel Son U 15 Labourer Milton
DIGBY Thomas Son 6 Milton
DIGBY Emma Daughter 1 month Milton
106 WARWICK John Head Married 61 Labourer Milton
WARWICK Elizabeth Wife Married 67 Brington
TAYLOR William Son in law Married 29 Labourer Blisworth
TAYLOR Ellen Son’s wife 28 Milton
TAYLOR Lueza Daughter 8 Milton
107 HODGES Henry Head Married 27 Farm labourer Milton
HODGES Mary Wife Married 33 Rothersthorpe
HODGES Henry Son 4 Rothersthorpe
108 JOHNSON William Head Married 26 Bricklayer Milton
JOHNSON Ann Wife Married 27 Collingtree
JOHNSON Phebe Daughter 3 Milton
109 HOUGHTON James Head Married 34 Bricklayer Milton
HOUGHTON Phebe Johnson Wife Married 30 Milton
HOUGHTON George Johnson Son 11 Milton
HOUGHTON Ann Daughter 9 Milton
HOUGHTON Edward Son 7 Milton
HOUGHTON Emma Daughter 5 Milton
HOUGHTON Johnson Son 2 Milton
110 WATERS Fredrick Head Married 26 Farm Labourer Chilston?
WATERS Elizabeth Wife Married 21 Milton
WATERS Sarah Daughter 1 Milton
111 PELL Thomas Head Married 34 Bricklayer Milton
PELL Mary Wife Married 31 Collingtree
PELL Sarah Daughter 10 Milton
PELL Edward Son 8 Milton
PELL Ann Daughter 6 Milton
PELL William Son 5 Collingtree
PELL Emma Daughter 3 Collingtree
112 HOUGHTON Thomas Head Married 62 Labourer Milton
HOUGHTON Elizabeth Wife Married 59 Milton
HOUGHTON Thomas Son U 27 Milton
113 COUCH Joseph Head Married 37 Farm Labourer Milton
COUCH Hannah Wife Married 34 Maidford
COUCH Sarah Daughter 5 Milton
COUCH Selina Daughter 3 Milton
COUCH Mary Daughter 7 months Milton
114 TWISTLETON Joseph Head Married 39 No occupation Milton
TWISTLETON Charlotte Wife Married 39 Duston
TWISTLETON Thomas Son U 16 Farm labourer Milton
TWISTLETON George Son 10 Scholar Milton
TWISTLETON Jonah Son 8 Scholar Milton
TWISTLETON Elizabeth Daughter 5 Scholar Milton
TWISTLETON James Son 2 Milton
115 BURTON William Head Widower 61 Labourer Milton
BURTON Jane Daughter U 21 Housekeeper Milton
116 ROBINSON Richard Head Married 59 Shoemaker Clerk of the Parish Milton
ROBINSON Mary Wife Married 53 Milton
ROBINSON Richard Son U 17 Shoemaker Milton
ROBINSON Thomas Son 14 Labourer Milton
ROBINSON Joseph Son 11 Shoemaker Milton
117 BRAY John Head Married 32 Miller & Baker Milton
BRAY Ann Wife Married 33 Bedford
BRAY Edward Son 8 Scholar Milton
BRAY Caroline Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
BRAY Harriett Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
BRAY John Son 2 Milton
118 WARWICK Thomas Head Married 28 Labourer Milton
WARWICK Jane Wife Married 27 Northampton All Saints
WARWICK Elizabeth Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
WARWICK Thomas Son 7 Northampton All Saints
119 PITTAMS Thomas Head Married 65 Farm labourer Milton
PITTAMS Margaret Wife Married 56 Hardingstone
PITTAMS Elizabeth Daughter U 35 Washer woman Milton
PITTAMS Thomas Son U 15 Labourer Milton
PITTAMS ? Grandson 14 Labourer Milton
PITTAMS Harriett Grand daughter 10 Milton
120 CLARKE Robert Head Married 34 Farm Labourer Milton
CLARKE Maria Wife Married 33 Rothersthorpe
CLARKE Elizabeth Daughter 8 Scholar Milton
CLARKE Thomas Son 6 Scholar Milton
CLARKE William Son 4 Milton
BILLINGHAM Elizabeth Visitor U 20 Rothersthorpe
121 MATHEWS John Head Married 28 Shoemaker Milton
MATHEWS Harriett Wife Married 25 Stony Stratford BKM
MATHEWS George Son 3 Milton
MATHEWS Elizabeth Daughter 1 Milton
MATHEWS Sarah Daughter 1 month Milton
122 HOUGHTON John Head Widower 59 Farm Labourer Milton
HOUGHTON William Son U 27 Farm Labourer Milton
HOUGHTON Ann Daughter U 17 Milton
HOUGHTON Samuel Grandson 5 Milton
123 GIBBS Thomas Head U 43 Gardener of one acre land Yardley Gobion
BROWN Allice Housekeeper U 50 Housekeeper Ecton
124 ELLIOTT Thomas Jakeman Head Married 25 Baker Milton
ELLIOTT Sarah Wife Married 28 Milton
CLARKE Caroline Visitor U 25 Dressmaker Milton
125 TURLAND James Head Married 31 Butcher Milton
TURLAND Elizabeth Wife Married 32 Warkton
TURLAND Charlotte Daughter 12 Scholar Leicester
TURLAND Marian Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
TURLAND Edwin Son 7 Scholar Milton
TURLAND Elizabeth Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
TURLAND William James Son 2 Milton
TURLAND Ellen Daughter 2 months Milton
126 Shepherds Cottage WARD George Head Married 27 Farm Labourer Rothersthorpe
near railway WARD Mary Wife Married 27 Rothersthorpe
WARD Mary Daughter 11 Rothersthorpe
WARD Elizabeth Daughter 1 week Milton
ALLEN Emilia Nurse U 26 Monthly Nurse Milton
127 ASHBY Joseph Head Married 29 Farm Labourer Milton
ASHBY Ann Wife Married 27 Rothersthorpe
ASHBY Mary Daughter 7 Milton
ASHBY Jane Daughter 4 Milton
ASHBY Ann Daughter 2 Milton
ASHBY Thomas Son 2 months Milton
128 WESTLEY Hannah Head U 33 Milton
WESTLEY Mary Daughter 7 Milton
WESTLEY Thomas Brother U 25 Labourer Milton
GLEED Eliza Lodger 2 Milton
129 HEDGE John Head Married 58 Farmer of 55 acres employing 3 labourers Blisworth
HEDGE Mary Wife Married 60 Roade
HEDGE Anne Daughter U 21 Milton
HEDGE Sophia Daughter U 17 Teacher of Infants School Milton
130 TWISTLETON Johnathan Head Married 27 Farm Labourer Milton
TWISTLETON Mary Wife Married 25 Roade
TWISTLETON John Son 1 Milton
TWISTLETON William Son 1 week Milton
TWISTLETON John Father Widower 75 Pauper Milton
131 Ham Lodge ASHBY William Head Married 63 Farm Labourer Rothersthorpe
ASHBY Elizabeth Wife Married 58 Braunston
ASHBY Samuel Son U 17 Farm Labourer Milton
ASHBY Sarah Ann Daughter U 15 Milton
132 Parochial School CARTER Louisa A Head U 20 School Mistress Bethnal Green, London
GLEED Eliza Companian U 18 Milton
133 In the Village ALLEN William Head Married 42 Farm Labourer Milton
ALLEN Elizabeth Wife Married 29 Milton
ALLEN James Son 11 Milton
ALLEN Esther Daughter 5 Milton
ALLEN Elizabeth Daughter 4 Milton
ALLEN William Son 11 months Milton

Note1: Recent research has shown that William Marks was aged 63 at the time of the census, not 40, and that he was born in Whilton.