Extracts of the 1871 Census for Milton Malsor Village

Entry Name of Street Surname Christain name Relation to head of family Condition Age Male Age Female Rank Prof or Occupation Where born
1 CLARKE Abraham Head Married 34 Market Gardener Milton
CLARKE Elizabeth Wife Married 57 Northampton All Saints
CLARKE Jane Daughter Single 18 Milton
2 CLARKE William W Head Married 23 Gardener Milton
CLARKE Elizabeth Wife Married 29 Milton
3 Anchor Terrace HOLLIDAY Isaac Head Married 31 Ag Lab Culworth
Anchor Terrace HOLLIDAY Ruth Wife Married 31 Lilbourn
Anchor Terrace HOLLIDAY John Son 7 Scholar Milton
Anchor Terrace HOLLIDAY Charles E Son 5 Scholar Milton
4 Anchor Terrace DUNKLEY Mark Head Married 32 Lab at Brickworks Irchester
Anchor Terrace DUNKLEY Caroline Wife Married 27 Lacemaker Rushden
5 Anchor Terrace CROWLEY James Head Married 66 Farm Bailiff Hardingstone
Anchor Terrace CROWLEY Frances Wife Married 62 Farm Bailiffs’ wife Milton
6 Anchor Terrace HODGES Henry Head Married 71 Ag Lab Rothersthorpe
Anchor Terrace HODGES Matilda Wife Married 62 Ag Labs’ wife Great Billing
Anchor Terrace DALE Ellen E Boarder 1 Northampton All Saints
Anchor Terrace RANDS Emma J Boarder 1 Northampton St Edmunds
7 Anchor Terrace ROBINSON William Head Married 72 Shoemaker Milton
Anchor Terrace ROBINSON Harriett Wife Married 64 Lacemaker Sherrington BKM
8 Anchor Terrace RAINBOW George Head Married 27 Shoemaker Denton
Anchor Terrace RAINBOW Sarah Wife Married 27 Shoemakers’ wife Fosters Booth
9 Anchor Terrace DIGBY Matthew Head Married 69 Ag Lab Milton
Anchor Terrace DIGBY Maria Wife Married 51 Lacemaker Milton
Anchor Terrace DIGBY George Son Single 16 Ag Lab Milton
Anchor Terrace DIGBY Alfred Son 14 Ag Lab Milton
Anchor Terrace DIGBY John Son 11 Ag Lab Milton
10 Anchor Terrace MAULE William Head Married 27 Turnpike at Road? Wootton
Anchor Terrace MAULE Elizabeth Wife Married 28 Milton
Anchor Terrace MAULE Ernest Son 3 Scholar Milton
Anchor Terrace MAULE Maria Daughter 6 months Milton
11 Anchor Terrace BILLINGHAM Elizabeth Aunt Single 40 Formerly housekeeper Rothersthorpe
Anchor Terrace BILLINGHAM Jacob Son 1 Hardingstone
Anchor Terrace HODGE William Head Married 41 Labourer at Brickworks Milton
Anchor Terrace HODGE Ann Wife Married 45 Great Billing
Anchor Terrace HODGE George Son 11 Ag Lab Milton
Anchor Terrace RICHARDSON James Boarder Single 17 Lab at Brickworks Kingsthorpe
Anchor Terrace WESTLEY Eli Boarder Single 16 Lab at Brickworks Hardingstone
12 Anchor Terrace HODGES Henry Head Married 47 Ag Lab Milton
Anchor Terrace HODGES Mary Wife Married 53 Rothersthorpe
Anchor Terrace HODGES Henry Son Single 24 Ag Lab Rothersthorpe
Anchor Terrace HODGES Sarah Daughter Single 15 Domestic Servant Milton
13 Anchor Terrace OXLEY William Head Married 59 Railway Policeman Milton
Anchor Terrace OXLEY Jane Wife Married 53 Collingtree
Anchor Terrace OXLEY George Son Single 22 Bricklayer Milton
Anchor Terrace OXLEY Joseph Son Single 18 Plate laying Milton
Anchor Terrace OXLEY Benjamin Son Single 16 Brickyard Lab Milton
14 Anchor Terrace HODGES John Head Married 24 Brickyard Lab Milton
Anchor Terrace HODGES Sarah Wife Married 23 Milton
Anchor Terrace HODGES William Son 4 Scholar Milton
Anchor Terrace HODGES Eliza S Daughter 1 Milton
15 Anchor Terrace JOHNSON William Head Widower 76 Retired Builder Milton
Anchor Terrace JOHNSON Emily Grandaughter 15 Scholar Milton
Anchor Terrace JOHNSON John Brother Widower 72 Retired Mason Milton
16 Anchor Terrace MEACHIN? Louisa Visitor Single 18 Builders Daughter Norwich, Norfolk
Anchor Terrace MEACHIN? Julia Visitor 9 Builders Daughter Norwich, Norfolk
17 Johnsons Yard CAPES Henrietta Head Widow 35 Shop Keeper Ware, Herts
Johnsons Yard CAPES Henry Son 9 Scholar North America, British subject
Johnsons Yard BEESLEY Elizabeth Visitor Single 21 Dressmaker Birmingham, Warwickshire
18 Johnsons Yard HOUGHTON James Head Married 54 Bricklayer Milton
HOUGHTON Rhoda Wife Married 50 Milton
HOUGHTON Johnson Son Single 22 Bricklayer Milton
KNIGHT Samuel Grandson 8 Scholar Milton
19 Johnsons Yard DIGBY John Head Married 40 Ag Lab Milton
DIGBY Sussannah Wife Married 35 Milton
DIGBY William Son 6 Scholar Milton
20 Johnsons Yard PITTAM Thomas L Lodger Single 33 Ironstone Lab Milton
21 Johnsons Yard CORY William Head Married 46 Ag Lab Milton
CORY Jane Wife Married 41 Milton
CORY Sarah Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
22 Johnsons Yard JOHNSON William Head Married 46 Journeyman Bricklayer Milton
JOHNSON Hannah Wife Married 48 Spratton
JOHNSON William Son Single 19 Journeyman Bricklayer Milton
JOHNSON John Son Single 16 Apprentice Carpenter Milton
JOHNSON Leah Daughter 13 Scholar Milton
JOHNSON R? Daughter 12 Scholar Milton
23 Johnsons Yard TURLAND Josiah Head Married 50 Tailor Milton
TURLAND Ann Wife Married 50 Brickhill, Bucks
24 Johnsons Yard HURST George Head Married 47 Ironstone Labourer Milton
HURST Sarah Wife Married 46 Wootton
25 Johnsons Yard CLARKE George Head Married 22 Ag Lab Blisworth
CLARKE Sarah Wife Married 23 Blisworth
CLARKE John Son 2 Milton
CLARKE Matilda Daughter 7 months Milton
MATTHEWS Sarah Lodger Single 21 Servant out of situation Milton
26 Johnsons Yard HURST Henry Head Married 35 Bricklayers Lab Milton
HURST Louisa Wife Married 29 Milton
HURST William Son 11 Lab at Brickworks Milton
HURST George Son 9 Ag Lab Milton
HURST Elizabeth Daughter 7 Scholar Milton
HURST Ann Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
27 Johnsons Yard CASWELL Henry Head Married 47 Ag Lab Milton
CASWELL Mary Wife Married 46 Kislingbury
CASWELL William Son 11 Ag Lab Milton
CASWELL Elizabeth Daughter 8 Scholar Milton
28 Johnsons Yard TWISTLETON Joseph Head Married 60 Shepherd Milton
FITZHUGH Elizabeth Daughter Married 25 Bricklayers Labs’ wife Milton
FITZHUGH John R Son Married 27 Bricklayers Lab Kingsthorpe
TWISTLETON Samuel Grandson 14 Bricklayers Lab Milton
29 Johnsons Yard PELL Thomas Head Married 55 Mason Milton
PELL Mary Wife Married 31 Collingtree
LABRUM Catherine Mother in law Widow 80 Ag Lab’s widow Blisworth
PELL William Grandson 2 Milton
30 Johnsons Yard PELL Emma Head Married 28 Railway Labs Wife Hallington, Lincs
PELL Elizabeth Daughter 3 Scholar Milton
PELL William Son 1 month Milton
31 Johnsons Yard LEVER William Head Married 47 Ag Lab Milton
LEVER Ann Wife Married 37 Milton
LEVER Thomas Son Single 16 Lab at Brickworks Milton
LEVER Mary Daughter 11 Scholar Milton
LEVER John Son 8 Scholar Milton
LEVER Susannah Daughter 5 Scholar Milton
LEVER William Son 1 Milton
32 Mrs Laws’ Yard STOCKFORD Thomas Head Married 29 Brickmaker Syresham
STOCKFORD Louisa Wife Married 28 Milton
STOCKFORD Joseph Son Single 8 Blisworth
STOCKFORD Ann Daughter 6 Milton
33 WATERS Fredrick Head Married 46 Ag Lab Milton
WATERS Elizabeth Wife Married 41 Chelveston
WATERS Isaac Son Single 16 Lab at Ironstone Milton
WATERS Mary Daughter 14 Milton
WATERS Elizabeth Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
WATERS Kate Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
WATERS John Son 2 Milton
34 CLARKE Robert Head Married 54 Turnpike Lab Road? Milton
CLARKE Maria Wife Married 53 Rothersthorpe
CLARKE Thomas Son Single 26 Lab at Waggon Works Milton
CLARKE Fredrick Son Single 16 Messenger at Railway Office Milton
35 MATTHEWS John A Head Married 48 Labourer Stony Stratford
MATTHEWS Harriett Wife Married 45 Milton
MATTHEWS Thomas Son Single 13 Telegraph Clark Milton
MATTHEWS William Son 14 Ag Lab Milton
MATTHEWS Emma Daughter 10 Scholar Milton
MATTHEWS Mary Daughter 8 Scholar Milton
MATTHEWS Charles Grandson 2 Milton
36 PALMER Henry Head Married 46 Coal Dealer Milton
PALMER Martha Wife Married 33 Carlton Rose, Norfolk
PALMER Isabela Daughter 13 Milton
PALMER Henry Son 11 Scholar Milton
PALMER Sarah Daughter 7 months Milton
CLARKE William B Stepson 8 Scholar Easton?
37 Post Office GIBBS Thomas Head Single 62 Gardener Yardley Gobion
38 BRAY William Lodger Widower 68 Ag Lab Milton
39 ELLIOTT Thomas J Head Widower 45 Baker Master Milton
ELLIOTT Thomas C Son 13 Scholar Milton
ELLIOTT John Son 11 Scholar Milton
ELLIOTT Annie E Son 8 Scholar Milton
CLARKE Caroline Sister in law Single 45 Dressmaker Milton
HENMAN Eliza Servant 14 General Servant Domestic Abington, Northampton
40 SMITH Thomas Head Married 62 Railway Policeman Long Buckby
SMITH Sarah Wife Married 32 Dairy woman Guilsborough
SMITH Elizabeth Daughter Married 24 Servant Milton
41 Collingtree Road FISHER Nicholas Head Single 63 Farmer Occupier of 440 acres Land Bermondsey, St John, London
FISHER Jane Daughter Married 33 Milton
FISHER Rachel Daughter Single 29 Milton
FISHER Lucy Ann Daughter Single 22 Milton
FISHER Nicholas Son Single 18 Milton
GRIFFITHS Daniel Visitor Single 40 Assayer Lives at 119 Gower St?
MEADOWS Lucy Servant Single 22 Cook Titchmarsh
EATON Mary Ann Servant Single 19 Housemaid Moulton
42 Milton Lodge GARRETT John Head Married 53 Farmer of 204 acres 4 men 2 boys Kineton?
GARRETT Mary Wife Married 54 Farmers wife Hornton?
GARRETT John Son Single 25 Farmers son Hornton?
GARRETT Mary Daughter Single 22 Farmers Daughter Hornton?
GARRETT Caroline Daughter Single 21 Farmers Daughter Hornton?
GARRETT Harry Son Single 19 Farmers Son Hornton?
GARRETT Anne Daughter Single 17 Farmers Daughter Hornton?
GARRETT Sarah Daughter Single 15 Farmers Daughter Hornton?
GARRETT Sam P Son 13 Farmers Son Milton Lodge
PENN Charlotte Servant Single 16 General servant Great Houghton
43 Railway Cottage ROBINSON George Head Married 50 Railway labourer
ROBINSON Ellen Wife Married 46 Roade
ROBINSON George Son Single 22 Mason Roade
ROBINSON Jane Daughter 12 Scholar Milton
ROBINSON Sarah Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
44 Rectory Cottage NEAL Thomas Head Married 34 Coachman Laughton, Leics
NEAL Emily Wife Married 29 Laundress Norfolk, Melton
NEAL William Son 2 Milton
NEAL Emily Daughter 1 month Milton
TAYLOR Ellen Visitor Married 48 Milton
45 Water Hall COOCH Joseph Head Married 56 Ag Lab Milton
COOCH Hannah Wife Married 54 Maidford
COOCH Selina Daughter Single 23 Milton
SAVAGE Charles Nephew 4 Scholar Milton
46 The Rectory KERSHAW Thomas A Head Married 54 Rector of Milton Ormskirk, Lancs
KERSHAW Mary Wife Married 49 Rectors wife Liverpool, Lancs
KERSHAW Thomas Son Single 19 Undergraduate of Oxford University Milton
KERSHAW Ewin Son Single 16 Scholar Milton
LEE Elizabeth Sister in law Single 42 Gentlewoman Whitechurch, Shropshire
COLDWELL Hannah Servant Widow 67 Cook Leigh Bedford, Lancs
WHITE Joyce Servant Widow 41 Ladys maid Bolton, Lancs
SKELEEY? Amelia Servant Single 26 Housemaid Nollington, Oxon
BALLANCE Henry Servant Single 15 Rugley, Stafford
47 MARKS William Head Married 82 Farmer of 20 acres Whilton
MARKS Elizabeth Wife Married 73 Milton
MARKS Henry Grandson Single 18 Ag Servant Gayton
HARRISON Benjamin Boarder Widower 50 Ag Lab Bardwell, Bucks
48 Mortimers BLAND John Head Married 33 Ag Lab Shenley, Bucks
BLAND Ann Wife Married 34 Milton
BLAND Thomas Son 14 News Seller Milton
49 Milton House MONTGOMERY Frances M Daughter Single 43 Clergymans daughter Holcott
MONTGOMERY Harriett A Daughter Single 41 Clergymans daughter Holcott
MATTHEWS Mary A Servant Single 29 Cook Long Buckby
CARE Ann Servant Single 26 Housemaid Ravensthorpe
SLARK Owen Servant Single 19 Footman Cottesbrooke
50 The Compass Yard WESTLEY Hannah Head Single 53 Washerwoman Milton
WESTLEY Thomas Brother Single 55 Ag Lab Milton
51 The Compass Yard CHILDS Daniel Head Married 31 Ag Lab Bletsoe, Beds
CHILDS Ann Wife Married 27 Milton
CHILDS Thomas Son 7 Scholar Chilton
CHILDS Emma Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
CHILDS Sarah Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
CHILDS Mary Daughter 2 Milton
CHILDS Herbert Son 1 month Milton
52 The Compass Yard WARWICK John Head Widower 82 Ag Lab Hardingstone
WARWICK Mary Wife Married 67 Northampton St Giles
53 The Compass Yard SMITH Eli Head Married 72 Lab in Coalyard Blisworth
SMITH Elizabeth Wife Married 63 Blisworth
SMITH Mary Daughter Single 76 Lacemaker Old
SMITH John Grandson 4 months Milton
54 The Compasses BLUNT Stephen Head Married 32 Inn Keeper Hartwell
BLUNT Mary Wife Married 32 Fletton, Hunts
BLUNT Arthur Son 7 Scholar Bletsoe Beds
BLUNT Margaret Daughter 5 Scholar Hartwell
BLUNT John Son 1 Milton
55 GARLICK Richard Head Married 54 Gardener Frankton Warwick
GARLICK Mary Wife Married 53 Bourton Warwick
56 Asplins Yard ASPLIN James Head Married 39 Builder Milton
ASPLIN Selina Wife Married 39 Milton
ASPLIN William Son 9 Scholar Milton
57 Asplins Yard ANDERSON John Head Married 50 Formerly Land Steward Scotland
ANDERSON Marian Wife Married 44 Milton
ANDERSON Selina Daughter 8 Scholar Ireland
ANDERSON Frances Daughter 8 Scholar Ireland
ANDERSON Martha Daughter 6 Scholar Ireland
ANDERSON William Son 5 Scholar Ireland
ANDERSON Marian Daughter 2 Ireland
58 Asplins Yard HOUGHTON William Head Married 47 Ironstone Lab Milton
HOUGHTON Caroline Wife Married 42 Shopkeeper East Haddon
HOBSON James Nephew Single 20 Carpenter apprentice Guilsborough
59 Asplins Yard PAKES George Head Married 29 Gardener Filgrave, Bucks
60 Asplins Yard ROBINSON Thomas Head Married 34 Masons lab Milton
ROBINSON Mary Wife Married 33 Lacemaker Blisworth
ROBINSON Sarah Daughter 7 Scholar Milton
ROBINSON Joseph Son 5 Scholar Milton
ROBINSON Elizabeth Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
ROBINSON Clara Daughter 2 Milton
61 Asplins Yard TRUSLER John Son 81 Ag Lab Harpole
TRUSLER Charlotte Daughter 71 Blisworth
62 Asplins Yard BARNETT John Head Married 26 Rivetter/Local Methodist Minister Keysoe? Beds
BARNETT Catherine Wife Married 27 Milton
BARNETT William Son 5 Scholar Milton
BARNETT Francis Son 2 Milton
BARNETT Arthur Son 10 months Milton
63 Asplins Yard ROWELL Thomas Head Married 33 Brickburner Gamlingay, Cambs
ROWELL Elizabeth Wife Married 31 Castlethorpe, Bucks
ROWELL Sarah Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
ROWELL Ann Daughter 8 Scholar Milton
ROWELL William Son 6 Scholar Milton
ROWELL Elizabeth Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
ROWELL Robert Son 2 Milton
64 PANTER Charles Head Single 18 Brick Burner Lavendon, Bucks
65 CORY John Head Married 46 Milton
CORY Mary Wife Married 47 Ag Lab Milton
CORY Samuel Son Single 76 Brickyard Lab Milton
CORY William Son 14 Brickyard Lab Milton
CORY Julia Daughter 12 Scholar Milton
CORY Selena Daughter 8 Scholar Milton
CORY Charles Son 6 Scholar Milton
66 TAYLOR William Head Married 29 Rough Stuff Cutter East Indies
TAYLOR Elizabeth Wife Married 24 Milton
TAYLOR William Son 2 Milton
TAYLOR Mary Daughter 5 months Milton
67 COLLIER William Head Married 75 Formerly Shoemaker Little Houghton (Nearly blind)
COLLIER Susannah Wife Married 61 Byfield
DUNKLEY Thomas Boarder Single 20 Carpenter journeyman Luton, Beds
68 LEVER Ann Head Widow 60 Owner of House property Stony Stratford, Bucks
LAW Mary Sister Married 61 Owner of House property Stony Stratford, Bucks
69 Blacksmiths Yard CROWLEY Jane Head Widow 58 Ironstone labs widow Milton
CROWLEY Charles Son Single 29 Invalid Milton
CROWLEY James Son Single 20 Railway lab Milton
CROWLEY Betsey Daughter 74 General Servant Milton
GREEN William Grandson 10 Ag Lab Milton
GREEN Lizzie Grandson 7 Scholar Birmingham, Warwick
70 Blacksmiths Yard WHILLOCK Edwin Head Married 25 Blacksmith Blisworth
WHILLOCK Avery Wife Married 25 Milton
WHILLOCK Lizzie Daughter 1 Milton
71 ditto ROBINSON Fredrick Head Married 32 Shoemaker Milton
ROBINSON Ann Wife Married 31 Domestic Blisworth
ROBINSON Emma Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
ROBINSON Kate Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
ROBINSON Henry Son 2 Milton
72 ditto SURRIDGE Joseph Head Married 62 Ag Lab Blisworth
SURRIDGE Elizabeth Wife Married 38 Roade
WALKER Peter Stepson Single 16 Ironstone Lab Roade
SURRIDGE Joseph Son 6 months Milton
73 ditto BLACKWELL Thomas Head Married 24 Brickfield Lab Silverstone
BLACKWELL Marie Wife Married 27 Lacemaker Milton
BLACKWELL Emily Daughter 3 Scholar Silverstone
BLACKWELL Sarah Daughter 1 Milton
74 ditto GARLICK Thomas Head Married 59 Ag Lab Milton
GARLICK Jane Wife Married 57 Pattishall
75 ditto CASWELL James Head Married 39 Ag Lab Milton
CASWELL Elizabeth Wife Married 39 Lacemaker Milton
CASWELL Alfred Son Single 18 Builders Lab Milton
CASWELL Ruth Daughter 13 Lacemaker Milton
CASWELL Rachel Daughter 12 Lacemaker Milton
CASWELL Marie Daughter 8 Scholar Milton
CASWELL Herbert Son 5 Scholar Milton
CASWELL Lucy Daughter 3 Scholar Milton
76 ditto TAYLOR Luke Head Married 49 Ag Lab Milton
TAYLOR Charles Son 49 Ag Lab Milton
77 Dunkleys Yard FISHER Joseph Head Married 51 Carrier Milton
FISHER Elizabeth Wife Married 49 Laundress Yardley Hastings
CLARKE Elizabeth Visitor Widow 59 Formerly Charwoman Milton
78 ditto COCKERILL Samuel Head Married 35 Lab at Brickyard Milton
COCKERILL Mary Wife Married 29 Great Catworth, Hunts
COCKERILL Sarah Daughter 5 Scholar Milton
COCKERILL Benjamin Son 3 Scholar Milton
COCKERILL William Son 10 months Milton
79 ditto OXLEY William Head Married 31 Lab Ironstone Milton
OXLEY Mary Wife Married 31 Hickling, Notts
OXLEY George Son 4 Milton
OXLEY Arthur Son 1 Milton
80 ditto SURRIDGE William Head Married 42 Lab at Ironstone Milton
SURRIDGE Susannah Wife Married 40 Long Buckby
SURRIDGE John Son Single 18 Lab at Ironstone Milton
SURRIDGE Clara Daughter Single 16 Dressmaker Milton
SURRIDGE Samuel Son 8 Scholar Milton
SURRIDGE Ann Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
SURRIDGE William Son 2 Milton
81 Dunkleys Row SHERMAN Elizabeth Head Widow 72 Farmers Widow Blisworth
SHERMAN Elizabeth Daughter Single 30 Milton
82 ditto BETTLE Thomas Head Married 27 Journeyman Carpenter and Joiner Northampton
BETTLE Selina Wife Married 24 Dressmaker Northampton
BLUNT Charles Head Married 28 Brickfield Lab Milton
BLUNT Louisa Wife Married 24 Dressmaker Milton
83 ditto HENSHAW William Brother Single 25 Brickmaker Milton
BANCROFT Joseph Head Married 52 Certificated Teacher Wilmslow, Cheshire
BANCROFT Ann Daughter Single 24 Teacher Bollington, Cheshire
84 ditto MOOREN? Abraham Head Single 67 Gardener out of employment Milton
LEVER John Head Married 46 Blackmiths Lab Milton
85 Green LEVER Caroline Wife Married 35 Laundress Milton
86 CRADDOCK Edward Head Married 48 Railway Platelayer Milton
CRADDOCK Sarah Wife Married 47 Collingtree
87 ditto CRADDOCK Mary Daughter Single 21 Washerwoman Milton
SMITH Kate Grandaughter 8 Northampton St Peters
NORIE? Sarah Head Widow 68 Formerly Servant Syresham
88 ditto ELLIOTT Anne Boarder Single 77 Formerly Servant Wicken
GIBBONS Richard Head Widower 60 Coachman, Gardener, Domestic Servant Milton
89 ditto MARRIOTT Thomas Head Married 52 Baker Journeyman Milton
90 ditto MARRIOTT Mary Wife Married 53 Rothersthorpe
HODGE Richard Head Married 42 Painter Keyesham, Gloucester
91 ditto HODGE Mary Wife Married 41 Sandbach, Cheshire
HODGE Henry Son Single 16 Bristol, Gloucester
HODGE Mary Daughter 10 Scholar Birmingham
HODGE Laura Daughter 5 Scholar Milton
HODGE Edith Daughter 2 Milton
HODGE Albert Son 7 months Milton
92 ditto ALLEN John Head Married 24 Brickyard labourer Milton
ALLEN Mary Wife Married 24 Lacemaker Stoke Golding, Bucks
ALLEN William son 11 months Milton
93 ditto ALLBRIGHT William Head Married 38 Brickmaker Blisworth
ALLBRIGHT Susan Wife Married 32 Lacemaker Rushden
ALLBRIGHT Eliza Daughter Single 13 Scholar Rushden
ALLBRIGHT William Son Single 11 Scholar Kingsthorpe
ALLBRIGHT George Son 9 Scholar Kingsthorpe
ALLBRIGHT Ann Daughter 4 Scholar Blisworth
ALLBRIGHT John Son 2 Blisworth
94 ditto JUDGE Henry Head Married 29 Ironstone labourer Blisworth
JUDGE Mary Wife Married 28 Lacemaker Kislingbury
JUDGE Harry Son 9 Ag Lab Midland Laine, Sussex
JUDGE Freddy Son 8 Scholar Milton
JUDGE Edward Son 3 Scholar Milton
JUDGE Willey? Son 10 months Milton
95 Farm House WESTLEY Robert Head Married 46 Farmer of 335 acres and malster employing 12 men and 4 boys Blisworth
WESTLEY Anne Wife Married 46 Rothersthorpe
MARRIOTT Thomas Farm Apprentice Single 18 Farmers apprentice Milton
COCKRELL Martha Servant Single 17 General Servant Milton
96 Bakehouse PHIPPS Mary Head Widow 47 Baker and Farmer of 23 acres employing 2 boys Middleton Cheney
PHIPPS William Son Single 22 Farmers son Milton
CASWELL Thomas Servant Single 41 Baker Milton
HODGES Martha Servant Single 18 Servant Milton
97 DUNKLEY Samuel Head Married 40 Farmer of 300 acres employing 8 men and 3 boys Rothersthorpe
DUNKLEY Mary Wife Married 43 Passenham
DUNKLEY Mary Daughter 9 Scholar Potterspury
DUNKLEY Kate E Daughter 8 Scholar Milton
DUNKLEY George Son 1 Milton
DUNKLEY Emma Daughter 2 months Milton
NEWCOMB Mary Servant Single 16 General servant Courteenhall
98 WOOD Thomas Head Married 19 Ag Lab Seaton, Rutland?
WOOD Sarah Wife Married 35 Laundress Enderby, Leics?
WOOD Martha Daughter Single 22 Servant out of place Milton
99 DAVIS James Head Married 40 Ironstone labourer Blisworth
DAVIS Mary Wife Married 38 Lacemaker Milton
DAVIS William Son 14 Ironstone labourer Milton
DAVIS George Son 12 Ag Lab Milton
DAVIS John Son 10 Ag Lab Milton
DAVIS James Son 8 Scholar Milton
DAVIS Alfred Son 5 Scholar Milton
DAVIS Sarah Daughter 11 months Milton
100 MARKS George Head Married 53 Higgler Milton
MARKS Elizabeth Wife Married 52 Denton
DAVIS Jane Daughter Widow 29 Stokers Widow Milton
MARKS Joseph Son Single 21 Ironstone labourer Milton
MARKS William Son Single 18 Ag Lab Milton
MARKS George Son Single 16 Ag Lab Milton
MARKS Harriott Daughter 11 Scholar Milton
DAVIS Elias Grandson 8 months Milton
101 HARRISON Benjamin Head Married 33 Ag Lab Coventry, Warwick
HARRISON Susannah Wife Married 39 Milton
HARRISON Elizabeth Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
HARRISON David Son 7 Scholar Milton
HARRISON John Son 4 Milton
HARRISON Samuel Son 2 Milton
102 HODGES Sarah Head Widow 56 Laundress Welford
HODGES George Son Single 22 Bricklayer Milton
HODGES Alfred Son Single 28 Bricklayer Milton
HODGES Mary Daughter Single 17 Laundress Milton
WHITE Fredrick Boarder 4 Scholar Stalybridge, Lancs
103 FOXLEYS HURST James Head Married 74 Gardener unable to work Hazelbeach
HURST Esther Wife Married 73 Laundress Hardingstone
104 COCKERILL Thomas Head Married 57 Ag Lab Milton
COCKERILL Lucy Wife Married 53 Ecton
COCKERILL Lucy Daughter 13 Scholar Milton
LAY George Boarder Single 21 Wheelwright Lavendon, Bucks
105 CASWELL John Head Widower 56 Ag Lab Milton
106 HOBBS William Head Married 60 Ag Lab Wolverton, Bucks
HOBBS Sarah Wife Married 52 Blisworth
ELLIOTT Elizabeth Granddaughter 4 Scholar Milton
107 PELL Mary Head Widow 79 Ag Labs Widow Milton
FOSTER Maria Neice Widow 59 Molders Widow Birmingham, Warwickshire
108 PELL John Head Widower 47 Shepherd Milton
PELL Christopher Son Single 20 Ag Lab Milkman Collingtree
PELL Thomas Son Single 18 Brickyard labourer Rothersthorpe
PELL George Son Single 16 Ag Lab Milton
109 FRETTER Thomas Head Married 39 Horse Keeper Wold?
FRETTER Mary Wife Married 49 Kingsthorpe
FRETTER George Son 16 Ag Lab Spratton
FRETTER Charles Son 12 Ag Lab Spratton
FRETTER William Son 8 Scholar Spratton
FRETTER Mary Daughter 6 Scholar Spratton
110 Manor House DENT Elizabeth Head Widow 88 Landowner Spratton
KESTRALL? Elizabeth B Daughter visiting Married 58 Baptist Ministers wife Milton
DENT Caroline Daughter Single 55 Landowners daughter Milton
CLARKE Charlotte Servant Single 50 Cook, domestic servant Roade
SHERWOOD Elizabeth Servant Single 18 Housemaid Milton
111 Dunkleys Yard HARRISON John Head Married 51 Blacksmith journeyman Rotherham, Yorkshire
HARRISON Ann Wife Married 59 Sandy, Beds
112 ditto WHITLOCK George Head Married 30 Ironstone labourer Milton
WHITLOCK Sarah Wife Married 24 Bugbrooke
113 ditto FISHER George Head Married 58 Platelayer Milton
FISHER Elizabeth Wife Married 53 London
FISHER George Son Single 21 Bricklayer Milton
FISHER John Son Single 18 Bricklayers labourer Milton
WARREN Elizabeth Sister Widow 61 Milton
114 ditto TACK James Head Widower 53 Platelayer Kislingbury
TACK William Son Single 27 Ag Lab Dover, Kent
TACK Matilda Daughter Single 28 Housekeeper Milton
TACK Henry Son Single 19 Bricklayers labourer Milton
TACK James Son Single 16 Bricklayers labourer Milton
WEST Fanny Daughter Single 27 General servant Lower Weedon
115 ditto PETTIT George Head Married 36 Railway porter Bozeat
PETTIT Sarah Wife Married 32 Formerly housemaid Moulton
PETTIT George Son 5 Scholar Moulton
116 ditto BRAY William Head Married 46 Ag Lab Blisworth
BRAY Mary Wife Married 38 Earls Barton
BRAY Elizabeth Daughter 13 Scholar Collingtree
BRAY Katherine Daughter 11 Scholar Collingtree
BRAY Thomas Son 9 Scholar Collingtree
BRAY Walter Son 7 Scholar Collingtree
117 ditto HOUGHTON George Head Married 52 Brickyard labourer Milton
HOUGHTON Martha Wife Married 40 Newport Pagnell
BLUNT Jane G Granddaughter 14 Milton
118 ditto LILLEY James Head Married 80 Grazier of 32 acres employing 1 man Irchester
LILLEY Lucy Wife Married 77 Tiffield
119 Beerhouse and Grocers shop DUNKLEY William Head Married 35 Carpenter master employing 1 man & 1 boy Milton
DUNKLEY Elizabeth Wife Married 29 Milton
DUNKLEY William Son 5 Milton
DUNKLEY Marrianne E Daughter 3 Milton
120 Fishers Yard GOFF John Head Married 27 Bricklayers Labourer Kingsthorpe
GOFF Esther Wife Married 25 Milton
GOFF John Son 6 Scholar Kingsthorpe
GOFF James Son 5 Scholar Milton
GOFF Elizabeth Daughter 3 Scholar Milton
121 ditto HURST John Head Married 40 Shoemaker Milton
HURST Elizabeth Wife Married 34 Milton
HURST Abel Son 9 Ag Lab Milton
HURST John Son 7 Scholar Milton
HURST Ester Daughter 5 Scholar Milton
HURST Thomas Son 1 Milton
COCKERILL John Boarder Widower 67 Ag Lab Milton
122 ditto OXLEY Lucy Head Widow 57 Ag Labs widow Duston
OXLEY James Son Single 18 Ironstone labourer Milton
OXLEY Isabella Granddaughter 11 Scholar London
MARRIOTT James R B Boarder Single 22 Carpenters journeyman Nether Heyford
123 ditto TWISTLETON Jonathon Head Married 47 Ag Lab Milton
TWISTLETON Mary Wife Married 43 Roade
TWISTLETON John Son Single 21 Ag Lab Milton
TWISTLETON Edward Son 9 Milton
124 ditto HALL Thomas Head Married 51 Ag Lab Ringworth Beds
HALL Elizabeth Wife Married 37 Platter? Berkhamstead, Herts
HALL Charles Son 12 Scholar Milton
HALL Martha Daughter 11 Scholar Milton
HALL Alfred Son 7 Scholar Milton
HALL Emma Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
HALL Eliza Daughter 1 Milton
125 ditto COCKERILL John Head Married 38 Ironstone labourer Milton
COCKERILL Maria Wife Married 38 Lacemaker Stoke Golding, Bucks
COCKERILL Ellen Daughter Single 18 Servant out of place Hardingstone
COCKERILL Mary Daughter 7 Scholar Hardingstone
COCKERILL Hannah Daughter 5 Scholar Hardingstone
COCKERILL Thomas Son 3 Scholar Hardingstone
COCKERILL John Son 1 Milton
COCKERILL Mary Mother Widow 69 Pauper Leicester
126 ditto HODGE Josiah Head Married 44 Brickyard labourer Milton
HODGE Mary Wife Married 47 Hardingstone
HODGE Emily Daughter 13 Scholar Milton
HODGE Sarah Daughter 7 Scholar Milton
HODGE Fred Son 5 Milton
127 ditto CHURCH William Head Married 41 Ironstone labourer Milton
CHURCH Maria Wife Married 37 Stoke Bruerne
CHURCH Emily Daughter 10 Scholar Milton
CHURCH Joseph Son 8 Scholar Milton
CHURCH Marianna Daughter 4 Scholar Milton
CHURCH Frances Daughter 8 months Milton
128 ditto TWISTLETON Thomas Head Married 36 Ag Lab Milton
TWISTLETON Ann Wife Married 34 Roade
TWISTLETON Lydia Daughter 12 Scholar Milton
TWISTLETON George Son 10 Scholar Milton
TWISTLETON Amelia Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
TWISTLETON Joseph Son 2 Milton
TWISTLETON Benjaman Son 2 months Milton
129 ditto TURLAND James Head Married 31 Butcher Milton
TURLAND Elizabeth Wife Married 32 Washerwoman Warkton
TURLAND Joseph Son Single 17 Mason Milton
TURLAND Emily Daughter 16 Servant out of place Milton
TURLAND Fred Son 8 Scholar Milton
130 ditto WRIGHT Thomas Head Widower 45 Ag Lab Milton
WRIGHT Sarah Daughter Single 17 Housekeeper Milton
WRIGHT George Son 14 Ag Lab Milton
WRIGHT Emily Daughter 12 Scholar Milton
WRIGHT Samuel Son 9 Scholar Milton
WRIGHT Kate Daughter 3 Scholar Milton
WRIGHT Joseph Son 9 Scholar Milton
131 VOSS Thomas Head Married 52 Farmer Not known, Lincolnshire
132 Greyhound Yard BELTON Ellen Head Single 21 Shoe sewer Northampton
ROBINSON Edward Son Son 10 months Milton
133 ditto FLETCHER Esther Head Widow 47 Lacemaker Bugbrooke
FLETCHER Mary A Daughter 10 Scholar Milton
FLETCHER Elizabeth Daughter 6 Scholar Milton
FLETCHER Edward Son 3 Milton
134 ditto CHURCH Benjamin Head Married 35 Ag Lab Milton
CHURCH Mary Wife Married 44 Bangor, North Wales
CHURCH Mary Daughter 10 Scholar Milton
CHURCH Elizabeth Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
135 ditto DIGBY William Head Married 41 Brickworks labourer Milton
DIGBY Eliza Wife Married 42 Milton
DIGBY Samuel Son Single 13 Brickyard labourer Milton
DIGBY Sarah Daughter 5 Garfield Green MDX
DIGBY Harriett Daughter 2 Garfield Green MDX
CLARKE Thomas Boarder Single 1 Garfield Green MDX
DIGBY Thomas Boarder Married 29 Ironstone labourer Milton
136 The Greyhound EAST William Head Married 33 Licenced Victular Kingstone, Surrey
EAST Charlotte Wife 40 Milton
EAST Herbert Son 10 Scholar Camberwell, Surrey
EAST Arthur Son 8 Scholar Bermondsey Surrey
EAST Walter Francis Son 6 Scholar Clerkenwell, MDX
EAST Henry E Son 4 Scholar Milton
EAST Charlotte Daughter 1 Milton
CHURCH Joseph Brother in law Married 33 Bricklayer Milton
137 KENNING Thomas Head Single 24 Living on interest of money Bradden
KENNING Helen Sister Single 21 Living on interest of money Bradden
GARDENER Annie Servant 13 General Servant domestic Bugbrooke
138 ROBINSON Thomas Head Married 37 Brickyard labourer Milton
ROBINSON Mary A Wife Married 41 Lacemaker Milton
ROBINSON Harry Son 9 Scholar Milton
ROBINSON Arthur Son 6 Scholar Milton
ROBINSON Mary Daughter 1 Milton
139 WARWICK Thomas Head Married 56 Ag Lab Milton
WARWICK Jane Wife Married 49 Milton
WARWICK Thomas Son Single 26 Ag Lab Milton
GARLICK Eli Grandson 12 Brickyard labourer Milton
140 ROBINSON Richard Head Married 79 Shoemaker Milton
ROBINSON Mary Wife Married 73 Lacemaker Milton
ROBINSON Thomas Grandson 11 Ag Lab Milton
141 HARRIS John F Head Married 27 Ag Lab Ravensthorpe
HARRIS Emma Wife Married 33 Blisworth
HOBBS Mary Daughter 11 Scholar Blisworth
HARRIS Francis Son 3 Scholar Milton
HARRIS Bessie Daughter 2 Milton
HARRIS Thomas Son 1 day Milton
THORNEYCROFT Elizabeth Nurse Married 52 Nurse Collingtree
JEFFERY John Boarder Single 42 Shoemaker Towcester
142 ROBINSON John Head Married 60 Carpenter Rothersthorpe
ROBINSON Sarah Wife Married 60 Milton
ROBINSON John Son Single 28 Ag Lab Milton
ROBINSON Samuel Son Single 26 Ag Lab Milton
ROBINSON William Son Single 23 Ag Lab Milton
ROBINSON Jane Daughter Single 20 Tailoress Milton
143 MOOUN? James Head Married 42 Carrier Milton
MOOUN? Sarah Wife Married 36 Heyford
MOOUN? Elizabeth Daughter Single 15 Milton
MOOUN? Thomas Son 14 Brickyard labourer Milton
MOOUN? Fanny Daughter 12 Scholar Milton
MOOUN? Jane Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
MOOUN? Phoebe Daughter 1 Milton
MOOUN? Abraham Brother Single 40 Shoemaker Milton
144 ROBINSON Charles Head Married 38 Wheelwright Milton
ROBINSON Elizabeth Wife Married 47 Lacemaker Weston Underwood, BKM
ROBINSON William Son Single 19 Brickyard labourer Milton
ROBINSON George Son 13 Brickyard labourer Milton
ROBINSON Albert Son 11 Brickyard labourer Milton
ROBINSON Adelade Daughter 9 Scholar Milton
145 STOCKFORD Benjamin Head Married 20 Brickyard labourer Syresham
STOCKFORD Mary Wife Married 21 Lacemaker Blisworth
STOCKFORD Thomas Son 1 Milton
146 PEARSON S Head Married 39 Plumber Bedford
PEARSON Ann Wife Married 43 Northampton
PEARSON S Son 13 Scholar Northampton
PEARSON F Son 11 Scholar Northampton
PEARSON J Son 9 Scholar Northampton
147 PLOWMAN Thomas Head Married 35 Carrier Stoke Bruerne
PLOWMAN Elizabeth Wife Married 31 Milton
PLOWMAN Sarah Daughter 11 Scholar Milton
PLOWMAN William Son 10 Scholar Milton
PLOWMAN Elizabeth Daughter 7 Scholar Milton
PLOWMAN Emily Daughter 3 Scholar Milton
PLOWMAN Maude Daughter 1 Milton
VOSS Ann Mother Married 61 Housekeeper Milton
TRUSLER Comfort Servant Single 36 Farm Servant Milton
148 TURLAND Fred Head Married 26 Master Tailor Milton
TURLAND Catherine Wife Married 26 Milton
149 ROBINSON Charles Head Married 42 Railway labourer Shedenton, BKM
ROBINSON Charlotte Wife Married 30 Rothersthorpe
150 COWLEY Joseph Head Married 27 Brickmaker Bedford
COWLEY Sarah Wife Married 33 Moulton
COWLEY Thomas Son 7 Scholar Buxted, Sussex
COWLEY Hannah Daughter 5 Scholar Southgate, MDX
COWLEY Albert Son 2 Grenford Greed, MDX
151 TURNER James Head Married 28 Blacksmith Woodend
TURNER Martha Wife Married 24 Kislingbury
TURNER Samuel Son 5 months Milton
TURNER John Brother Single 18 Apprentice Blacksmith Woodend
152 DUNKLEY Mary Head Widow 74 Farmers widow Long Buckby
HOWES Mary A Neice Single 27 Housekeeper Sulgrave
153 The Grove MARRIOTT Thomas Head Married 82 Retired Baptist Minister, Landowner Denton
MARRIOTT Mary A Wife Married 41 St Lukes, London
MARRIOTT Annie Daughter 11 Scholar Milton
MARRIOTT Samuel Son 9 Scholar Milton
MARRIOTT Francis Son 7 Scholar Milton
MARRIOTT Arthur Son 4 Milton
154 MARRIOTT John Head Married 59 Ag Lab Milton
MARRIOTT Ann Wife Married 50 Rothersthorpe
DIGBY Sarah Granddaughter 8 Scholar Milton
155 HOUGHTON Sarah Head Widow 59 Lacemaker Blisworth
156 HOUGHTON David Head Married 23 Bricklayer Milton
HOUGHTON Ann Wife Married 22 Blisworth
HOUGHTON Amelia Daughter Widow > 1month Milton
157 GREGORY Henry Head Widower 46 Ag Lab Milton
GREGORY Elizabeth Daughter Single 15 Housekeeper Milton
GREGORY Thomas Son 12 Ag Lab Milton
158 WELLINGS Alice Head Single 86 Lacemaker Milton
159 DUNKLEY Elizabeth Head Single 82 Formerly housekeeper Milton
160 BLUNT William Head Widower 75 Highway Road labourer Milton
BLUNT Alfred Grandson 12 Ag Lab Milton
161 TACK John Head Married 30 Railway labourer Byfield
TACK Mary A Wife Married 31 Ag Lab Milton
TACK Charles Son 7 Scholar Milton
TACK Harry Son 4 Scholar Milton
TACK Matilda Daughter 2 Milton
TACK Sarah E Daughter 5 months Milton
162 THORNEYCROFT Samuel Head Married 52 Bricklayer Greens Norton
ALLEN William Son Single 21 Brickyard labourer Milton
ALLEN Jane Daughter Single 19 Housekeeper Milton
ALLEN Joseph Son Single 17 Ag Lab Milton
THORNEYCROFT Mary Daughter 12 Scholar Milton
THORNEYCROFT Sarah Daughter 10 Scholar Milton
163 ASHBY Joseph Head Married 48 Milton
ASHBY Ann Wife Married 46 Ag Lab Rothersthorpe
ASHBY Ann Daughter Single 22 General Servant Milton
ASHBY Thomas Son Single 20 Ironstone labourer Milton
ASHBY Samuel Son 75 Ag Lab Milton
ASHBY Martha Daughter 13 Scholar Milton
ASHBY Joseph Son 10 Scholar Milton
ASHBY George Grandson 1 Milton
ASHBY Thomas Father Widower 75 Formerly Ag Lab Rothersthorpe
164 CURTIS Frederick Head Married 37 Ag Lab Bugbrooke
165 Home Farm MANNING John Head Widower 63 Farmer of 250 acres employs 6 lab,3 boys and landowner Kislingbury
MANNING Charles Son Single 20 Farmers son Milton
MANNING Sarah Eliza Daughter Single 17 Housekeeper Milton
SHEPARD Ada E Granddaughter 5 Visitor Northampton All Saints
PIERCY Ann Servant Single 19 Dairymaid Foxley
JOHNSON Emma Servant 12 Housemaid Maidwell
STANTON Jane Servant Single 23 Nursemaid to granddaughter Wootton
166 ASHBY John Head Married 44 Ag Lab Milton
ASHBY Eliza Wife Married 42 Hardingstone
ASHBY Abraham Son Single 19 Farm Servant Wootton
ASHBY Sarah A Daughter 13 Wootton
ASHBY Elizabeth Daughter 10 Collingtree
ASHBY Walter Grandson 3 Milton
ASHBY William Son 2 Milton