Extracts of the 1901 Census for Milton Malsor Village

Entry Name of Street Surname Christain name Relation to head of family Condition Age Male Age Female Rank Prof or Occupation Where born
1 Little Street CLARKE William Head Widower 53 Market Gardener Milton
BUCKBY Anne Servant Single 55 Housekeeper Kettering
2 Little Street LAMBOURNE William Head Married 23 Railway Signalman Mursley, Bucks
LAMBOURNE Florence Wife Married 29 Milton
LAMBOURNE Doris Daughter Single 1 Milton
3 Anchor Terrace EMERY George Head Widower 74 Retired Painter and glazier Sharnbrook, Beds
EMERY George Son Single 43 Grocers Assistant Rushden
4 Anchor Terrace CHERRY William Head Married 47 Carpenter Bulbourne, Nr Tring, Herts
CHERRY Susannah Wife Married 47 Eggington, Beds
CHERRY William Son Single 20 Brickyard labourer Grove Mill Nr Leighton, Beds
CHERRY Thomas Son Single 18 Boatman on canal Grove Mill Nr Leighton, Beds
CHERRY Harry Son 14 Bestboy on canal Bulbourne, Nr Tring, Herts
CHERRY Arthur Son 10 Blisworth Arm
CHERRY James Son 8 Wolverton, Bucks
5 Anchor Terrace DURRAN Benjamin Head Married 59 Farm labourer Deddington, Oxon
DURRAN Jemima Wife Married 59 Lacemaker Maidford
DURRAN Anne Daughter Single 30 Dressmaker Priors Marston, Warwickshire
6 Anchor Terrace CLARKE Maria Head Widow 83 Living on own means Rothersthorpe
CLARKE Martha Granddaughter Single 22 School teacher National School Milton
7 Anchor Terrace DENTON Uriah Head Married 38 Farm labourer Hartwell
DENTON Mary Wife Married 38 Blandford, Dorset
8 Anchor Terrace ROBBINS William Head Married 41 Farm labourer and cowman Tiffield
ROBBINS Julia Wife Married 30 Greens Norton
ROBBINS Milly Daughter 12 Easton Neston
ROBBINS Elizabeth Daughter 10 Hulcote
ROBBINS Jane Daughter 9 Hulcote
ROBBINS William Son 7 Milton
ROBBINS John Son 5 Milton
ROBBINS Mabel Daughter 3 Milton
ROBBINS Mary Daughter 1 Milton
9 Anchor Terrace JUDGE Joseph Head Married 25 Brickyard labourer Blisworth
JUDGE Jane Wife Married 22 Hartwell
JUDGE Emily Daughter 3 Roade
JUDGE Rose Daughter 1 Roade
JUDGE John Son 2months Milton
10 Anchor Terrace PELL George Head Married 46 Brickyard labourer Milton
PELL Anne Wife Married 44 Shutlanger
PELL John Son Single 24 Platelayer on railway Shutlanger
PELL James Son 17 labourer, horsekeeper Milton
PELL William Son 15 Teamster on Farm Milton
PELL Lucy Daughter 11 Milton
PELL Earnest Son 8 Wootton
11 Anchor Terrace CLARKE Thomas Head Married 56 Platelayer on railway Milton
CLARKE Ann Wife Married 56 Ravensthorpe
CLARKE Harry Son Single 24 Brickyard labourer Milton
CLARKE Thomas Son 15 Gardeners labourer Milton
12 GREEN Joseph Head Widower 54 Railway labourer Blisworth
GREEN Joseph Son 14 Farm labourer Milton
13 Anchor Terrace HODGES John Head Married 54 ? Stoker Milton
HODGES Sarah Wife Married 53 Milton
HODGES Robert Son Single 25 Furnace labourer, pig iron Milton
HODGES Arthur Son 18 Gardeners labourer Milton
HODGES John Son 13 Gardeners labourer Milton
14 Eagle Cottage SURRIDGE Susannah Head Widow 70 Living on own means Long Buckby
SURRIDGE John Son Single 47 Brewers storekeeper Milton
SURRIDGE George Son Single 32 Carrier Milton
HEDGES Beatrice Boarder 12 Market Harborough
15 Asplins Cottages LACK Charles Head Married 37 Brick burner Milton
LACK Susannah Wife Married 35 Milton
LACK Florence Daughter 10 Milton
LACK Bessie Daughter 6 Milton
16 Asplins Cottages SHEPHERD John Head Widower 48 Railway Signalman Hatfield, Herts
SHEPHERD Letitia? Daughter 11 Marsh Gibbon, Bucks
SHEPHERD Frances Son 9 Marsh Gibbon, Bucks
COREY Sarah Housekeeper 34 Housekeeper Domestic Milton
17 Asplins Cottages DIGBY Susan Head Widow 63 Living on own means Rothersthorpe
DIGBY Arthur Son Single 28 Bargeman on canal Milton
18 Asplins Cottages LINNELL Hannah Head Widow 63 Living on own means Northampton
LINNELL Arthur Son Single 32 Ag Lab Northampton
LINNELL Herbert Son Single 30 Teamster on Farm Blisworth
LINNELL Josiah Son Single 23 Carter gardener Blisworth
19 Asplins Cottages PELL John Head Married 77 Farm labourer Milton
PELL Jane Wife Married 71 Milton
20 Asplins Cottages LICKORISH William Head Married 56 Stockman Broadwell, Warwickshire
LICKORISH Rebecca Wife Married 52 Buckinghamshire
LICKORISH Gertrude Daughter 13 Blisworth
LICKORISH Joseph Son 10 Blisworth
LICKORISH Bertie Grandson 6 Blisworth
21 Asplins Cottages YATES Walter Head Married 38 Labourer Syresham
YATES Mary Wife Married 38 Blakesley
YATES Percy Son 15 Brewers work? Syresham
YATES Edward Son 13 Farm boy Syresham
YATES Harry Son 11 Thorplands Lodge
YATES Walter Son 10 Milton
YATES William Son 7 Milton
YATES Aspinall? Son 5 Milton
YATES Fred Son 3 Milton
YATES Anny Daughter 2 Milton
YATES Harrold Son 11 months Milton
22 Asplins Cottages BURTON Matthias Head Married 73 Retired labourer Milton
BURTON Elizabeth Wife Married 79 Milton
23 Asplins Cottages MATTHEWS Charles Head Married 32 Waggoner on farm Milton
MATTHEWS Sarah Wife Married 31 Denton
MATTHEWS Alice Daughter 10 Milton
MATTHEWS Elizabeth Daughter 8 Milton
MATTHEWS Leah Daughter 7 Milton
MATTHEWS Alfred Son 5 Milton
24 Asplins Cottages MATTHEWS Harriett Head Widow 75 Living on own means Milton
MATTHEWS Frank Grandson 19 Farm labourer, pigs Moreton Pickney
25 Little Street PEARSON John Head Married 49 Bricklayers lab Piddington
PEARSON Mabel Daughter Single 23 Domestic servant Milton
PEARSON Jane Daughter Single 21 House domestic Milton
PEARSON Thomas Son Single 19 Furnace lab Milton
PEARSON William Son 16 Brickyard lab Milton
PEARSON Harry Son 14 Farm lab Milton
PEARSON Margaret Daughter 9 Milton
26 Little Street JONES John Head Married 32 Schoolmaster National Cardigan Tregadon, Wales
JONES Edith Wife Married 27 Assistant Mistress National Montgomery ? Wales
27 Farm House SPOKES Thomas Head Married 33 Farmer Wellingborough
SPOKES Maggie Wife Married 28 Kettering
SPOKES Margaret Daughter 2 Milton
SPOKES Thomas Son 1 month Milton
KEECH Annie Servant 18 General servant domestic Marston, Beds
KEECH Florence Servant 13 Housemaid Blisworth
28 SPRIGGS Joseph Head Married 48 Gardener Market Hartwell
SPRIGGS Emma? Wife Married 32 Ravenstone, Bucks
SPRIGGS Marjorie Daughter 8 months Milton
29 Asplins Yard EMERY John Head Married 53 Carpenter & glazier Milton
EMERY Eliza Wife Married 49 Syresham
EMERY George Son 18 Working on ? Farm Milton
EMERY Henry Son 17 Grocers apprentice Milton
TURNER Mary Mother in law Widow 84 Retired farmer Pattishall
30 Asplins Yard LEVER? William Head Married 34 Railway Platelayer Milton
LEVER? Ellen Wife Married 38 Pitsford
LEVER? William Son 8 Milton
LEVER? Ethelfreda Daughter 2 Milton
LEVER? George Son 6 months Milton
31 Asplins Yard DIGBY Samuel Head Widower 46 Brickyard labourer Milton
DIGBY Samuel Son Single 20 Railway labourer Milton
DIGBY Agnes Daughter Single 17 Domestic servant Milton
DIGBY Caroline Daughter 15 School Mistress Milton
32 Asplins Yard TRUSLER Major Head Married 77 Living on own means Blisworth
TRUSLER Eliza Wife Married 66 Lavendon, Bucks
33 Asplins Yard MANNING James Head Married 44 Ironstone labourer Rothersthorpe
MANNING Mary Wife Married 48 Milton
MANNING Joseph Son 13 Ironstone labourer Milton
MANNING William Son 9 Milton
MANNING Bertha Daughter 4 Milton
MANNING Ralph Son 1 Milton
34 Little Street CLARKE William Head Married 28 Brewery drayman Milton
CLARKE Mary Wife Married 34 Duncote
CLARKE William Son 2 Milton
CLARKE Leonard Son 11 months Milton
WARR Mary Mother in law Married 68 Living on own means Gayton
CHAPMAN Eli Lodger Single 24 Carpenter Hartwell
35 Little Street ASPLIN William Head Married 39 Builder Milton
ASPLIN Mary Wife Married 43 Towcester
ASPLIN Emily Daughter 14 Milton
ASPLIN William Son 12 Milton
ASPLIN John Son 10 Milton
ASPLIN Henry Son 7 Milton
ASPLIN Oliver Son 3 Milton
ASPLIN Philip Son 9 months Milton
36 Little Street TURNER Samuel Head Married 30 Blacksmith Milton
TURNER Elizabeth Wife Married 24 Hillmorton, Warwick
TURNER Francis Son 1 Milton
37 Little Street CHILDS Herbert Head Married 31 Groom domestic Milton
CHILDS Olivia Wife Married 32 Hillmorton, Warwick
CHILDS Herbert Son 11 Milton
38 Compass Inn ALLBRIGHT Susan Head Widow 60 Publican Rushden
ALLBRIGHT Annie Daughter Single 23 Dressmaker Milton
MARKS Henry Boarder Single 50 Farm labourer Milton
JONES John Boarder Single 24 Bricklayer St Pancreas London
39 Compass Yard MARKS Edward Head Widower 56 Ag Lab Milton
MARKS Frederick Son Single 21 Labourer Horsekeeper Milton
40 Compass Yard STURGESS? James Head Married 53 Labourer Bricklayers Wootton
STURGESS? Sarah Wife Married 55 Hardingstone
41 Compass Yard MARKS William Head Married 48 Butcher & labourer Milton
MARKS Elizabeth Wife Married 49 Filgrave, Bucks
MARKS William Son 13 Milton
42 Compass Yard PEARSON? Benjamin Head Widower 78 Living on own means Piddington
43 The Manse BROOM Edward Head Married 55 Baptist minister and bookseller St Andrews, Cambridge
BROOM Harriet Wife Married 54 St Ives, Hunts
BROOM Hattie Daughter Single 25 Booksellers assistant Milton
BROOM Dorothy Daughter 16 Confirmed invalid Milton
BROOM Elizabeth Daughter 14 Milton
44 Little Street STOCKFORD Thomas Head 59 Ag Lab Syresham
STOCKFORD Louisa Wife 59 Milton
STOCKFORD T? Son 19 Brickyard labourer Milton
TAYLOR Ellen Mother in law Widow 78 Living on own means Milton
45 Little Street WRIGHT Samuel Head Married 39 Bricklayers labourer Milton
WRIGHT Kate Wife Married 41 Collingtree Lodge
46 Little Street STOCKFORD William Head Married 27 Machine minder Brickyard Milton
STOCKFORD Ellen Wife Married 33 Kelmarsh
47 Little Street EAST Arthur Head Married 38 Brewery Foreman Bermondsey London
EAST Sarah Wife Married 39 Milton
EAST Harry Son 14 Stoke Goldington, Bucks
EAST Albert Son 11 Stoke Goldington, Bucks
EAST Ernest Son 8 Stoke Goldington, Bucks
EAST Herbert Son 5 Milton
EAST Ada Daughter 3 Milton
48 Blacksmiths Yard BRANSON Alfred Head Married 44 Cooper at Brewery Newport Pagnell, Bucks
BRANSON Ruth Wife Married 43 Sherington, Bucks
BRANSON Albert Son 11 Cosgrove
BRANSON Kate Daughter 6 Milton
49 Blacksmiths Yard JOHNSON Arthur Head Married 47 Carpenter Milton
JOHNSON May Wife Married 38 Kentish Town, Middlesex
WARWICK May Neice Single 18 Domestic help Collingtree
50 Blacksmiths Yard TURNER James Head Married 59 Retired Blacksmith Woodend
TURNER Martha Wife Married 54 Kislingbury
TURNER Jane Daughter Single 27 Dressmaker Milton
TURNER Alfred Son 19 Blacksmith Milton
TURNER John Son 14 Gardeners labourer Milton
51 Blacksmiths Yard ROBINSON Anne Head Widow 61 Living on own means Blisworth
ROBINSON Arthur Son Single 19 ? Milton
WALTERS Lizzie Daughter Married 29 Living on own means Milton
WALTERS Thomas Grandson 1 Milton
52 Dunkleys Yard COCKERILL Samuel Head Widower 65 Ag Lab Milton
COCKERILL William Son Married 30 Ag Lab Milton
COCKERILL Elizabeth Daughter in law Married 30 Rothersthorpe
53 Dunkleys Yard GOODRIDGE George Head Married 33 Furnace labourer Pig iron Blisworth
GOODRIDGE Eliza Wife Married 26 Milton
GOODRIDGE Nelly Daughter 3 Milton
GOODRIDGE George Son 1 Milton
54 Dunkleys Yard OXLEY William Head Married 62 Brickyard labourer Milton
OXLEY Mary Wife Married 61 Unknown
OXLEY Arthur Son 31 Brickyard labourer Milton
OXLEY Benjamin Son 26 Ironstone laboure Milton
55 Dunkleys Yard CROWLEY Mary Head Married 51 Living on own means Litchborough
CROWLEY William Son 26 Railway labourer Milton
CROWLEY Ernest Son 24 Brewers labourer Milton
CROWLEY James Son 21 Railway labourer Milton
56 Dunkleys Yard TACK James Head Married 45 Railway labourer Milton
TACK Susannah Wife Married 42 Blisworth
TACK James Son 15 Grocers assistant Milton
TACK Harold Son 11 Milton
TACK Eliza Daughter 10 Milton
TACK Frederick Son 6 Milton
TACK Henry Boarder 49 Platelayer labourer Milton
57 Dunkleys Yard TWISTLETON Edward Head 39 Brickyard labourer Milton
TWISTLETON Lillie Wife 35 Blisworth Arm
TWISTLETON Eathan? Son 13 Ironstone labourer Milton
TWISTLETON Ethel Daughter 11 Milton
TWISTLETON Albert Son 9 Milton
TWISTLETON Lillie Daughter 7 Milton
TWISTLETON Elsie Daughter 5 Milton
TWISTLETON Florence Daughter 3 Milton
TWISTLETON Ada Daughter 1 Milton
HENSHAW William Lodger Single 55 Brickyard labourer Northampton
58 Dunkleys Yard PELL William Head Married 30 Railway flagman Milton
PELL Ada Wife Married 33 Birmingham
PELL Percy Son 8 Milton
PELL Oliver Son 6 Milton
PELL Constance Daughter 3 Milton
PELL Joseph Son 2 Milton
SMITH Florence Sister in law Single 25 Nurse Domestic Whilton
COCKERILL Sam Boarder Single 25 Railway labourer Milton
59 Dunkleys Yard PELL Emma Head Single 53 Shopkeeper General Milton
60 The Green HICKSON Thomas Head Married 48 Furnace labourer Collingtree
HICKSON Fanny Wife Married 47 Milton
HICKSON Arthur Son Single 19 Railway platelayer Nantwich, Cheshire
HICKSON Richard Son 15 Brewers labourer Milton
HICKSON Earnest Son 7 Milton
61 The Green WALTERS Joseph Head Married 42 Drayman Brewers Gt Linford, Bucks
WALTERS Clara Wife Married 47 Milton
EVANS Arthur Stepson Single 20 Brewery labourer Milton
WALTERS Jane Son 9 Milton
WALTERS Ellen Daughter 7 Milton
WALTERS Clara Daughter 5 Milton
62 The Green CRADDOCK Mary Head Single 34 Laundress Milton
63 The Green HARRISON John Head Married 34 Waggoner on farm Milton
HARRISON Ann Wife Married 31 Gayton
HARRISON Frank Son 6 Milton
HARRISON Leonard Son 2 Milton
TOWNSEND Henry Lodger Single 37 Drover cattle ? Gloucestershire
64 The Green BRANSON Thomas Head Married 23 Groom and gardener domestic Olney, Bucks
65 The Green BLAND John Head Married 85 Living on own means Shenley, Bucks
BLAND Ann Wife Married 84 Milton
BULLIN Elizabeth Daughter Married 57 Wife of cab proprietor Milton
BULLIN Shakesphere J Gr Grandson 4 Kingsthorpe
66 Malting House ELLIOTT Robert Head Married 62 Farmer Milton
ELLIOTT Annie Wife Married 52 Everdon
ELLIOTT William Son Single 30 Butcher Everdon
ELLIOTT Sophie Daughter Single 25 Helper at home Domestic Everdon
ELLIOTT John Son 15 Brewers clerk Milton
ELLIOTT Herbert Son 12 At school Milton
67 Malting Yard LEVER John Head Married 38 Brickyard labourer Milton
LEVER Emma Wife Married 38 Washwoman Rothersthorpe
LEVER William Son Single 17 Boatman Canal Milton
LEVER Lavinia Daughter 15 Domestic servant Milton
LEVER Harry Son 14 Farm labourer Milton
LEVER John Son 12 Milton
LEVER Caroline Daughter 10 Milton
LEVER Emma Daughter 8 Milton
LEVER Elsie Daughter 6 Milton
LEVER Gertrude Daughter 4 Milton
LEVER Florence Daughter 1 Milton
COLLAR Andrew Lodger Single 17 Farm labourer Milton
68 Little Green TWISTLETON Rueben Head Married 48 Brewers labourer Milton
TWISTLETON Elizabeth Wife Married 47 Bugbrooke
TWISTLETON George Son Single 23 Brewers labourer Milton
TWISTLETON Geneva Daughter 13 Milton
TWISTLETON Kate Daughter 9 Milton
TWISTLETON Milly? Daughter 7 Milton
69 Little Green BASS Joseph Head Married 25 Ironstone labourer Shutlanger
BASS Annie Wife Married 23 Bugbrooke
70 Little Green REYNOLDS Thomas Head Married 68 Retired policeman Overstone
REYNOLDS Harriett Wife Married 52 Emberton, Bucks
71 High Street HILLYARD Henry Head Married 69 Groom and Gardener Pattishall
HILLYARD Sarah Wife Married 67 Manageress workmans rest? Long Buckby
72 High Street JUDKINS Alice Head Widow 54 Living on own means Whilton
JUDKINS Thomas Nephew Single 52 Herdsman on farm Whilton
73 Dunkleys Yard HOGAN William Head Married 55 Brewers clerk Charwelton
HOGAN Elizabeth Wife Married 46 Flore
HOGAN Dorothy Daughter 13 Blisworth
HOGAN Ella Daughter 10 Milton
HOGAN Marjery Daughter 8 Milton
74 Dunkleys Yard KILPACK? Arthur Head Married 36 Coachman domestic Scotland
KILPACK? Mary Wife Married 26 Milton
LORY? Phylis Boarder 10 months Earls Barton
75 Dunkleys Yard JOHNSON Edward Head Married 50 Bricklayer Bugbrook
JOHNSON Elizabeth Wife Married 52 Gayton
JOHNSON George Son Single 23 Railway labourer Gayton
JOHNSON Henery Son Single 21 Signalman Railway Bugbrook
JOHNSON Alfred Son 13 Milkboy on farm Milton
76 Dunkleys Yard NEWCOMB Ernest Head Married 25 ? on farm Quinton
NEWCOMB Lizzie Wife Married 24 Gayton
77 Dunkleys Yard DIGBY Thomas Head Married 59 Brickyard labourer Milton
DIGBY Frances Wife Married 65 Blisworth
78 Dunkleys Yard HARRISON Benjamin Head Married 62 Stockman on farm Coventry, Warwickshire
HARRISON Susannah Wife Married 69 Milton
HARRISON Elizabeth Daughter Single 39 Charwoman domestic Milton
HARRISON Emily Granddaughter 8 Gayton
79 Dunkleys Yard BALDWIN William Head Married 45 Brewers labourer Syresham
BALDWIN Anne Wife Married 47 Hook Norton, Oxon
BALDWIN William Son 14 Brewers stablelad Milton
BALDWIN Alice Daughter 9 Milton
BALDWIN George Son 6 Milton
BALDWIN James Son 3 Milton
80 Dunkleys Yard CASWELL William Head Married 53 Labourer working on highway Maidford
CASWELL Sarah Wife Married 46 Milton
CASWELL Frederick Son 10 Milton
81 Dunkleys Yard OXLEY Matilda Head Widow 47 Living on own imeans Blisworth Arm
OXLEY Ernest Son Single 22 Ironstone labourer Milton
OXLEY James Son Single 17 Brewery labourer Milton
OXLEY Louis Son 16 Brewery labourer Milton
OXLEY Lucy Daughter 12 Milton
82 High Street ASPLIN John Head Married 29 Butcher & Baker Milton
ASPLIN Helen Wife Married 31 Heyford
ASPLIN Herbert Son 5 Milton
ASPLIN Helen Daughter 3 Milton
ASPLIN Gwendoline Daughter 2 Milton
ASPLIN Raymond Son 3 months Milton
MARSH Florence Neice Single 16 Domestic help (Relation) Heyford
CLIFTON Henry Boarder Single 27 Baker Breadmaker Holdenby
83 High Street PHIPPS William Head Married 55 Retired farmer Milton
PHIPPS Helen Wife Married 50 Bradden
84 Farm House GARRETT Jane Head Married 43 Farmer Milton Lodge
GARRETT Lucy Wife Married 22 Whilton
HARDING Alice Lodger Single 38 School mistress National Freemantle South, Hants?
85 Manor House DENT Caroline Head Single 85 Living on own means Milton
EDWARDS Jessie Servant Single 54 Cook domestic Aberdeen Scotland McDuff?
86 High Street BRAY William Head Married 76 Highway labourer Blisworth
BRAY Mary Wife Married 68 Earls Barton
87 High Street DIGBY Alfred Head Married 45 Thatcher & hedgecutter Milton
DIGBY Elizabeth Wife Married 39 Hardingsthone
DIGBY Louisa Daughter 13 Milton
DIGBY Alfred Son 9 Milton
DIGBY Philip Son 7 Milton
DIGBY Frederick Son 3 Milton
88 High Street CLARKE Jane Head Single 48 Mistress of Private school Milton
TYRRELL Esther Servant Single 46 Housekeeper Domestic Northampton
89 High Street TEE William Head Married 65 Coachman Domestic Maidwell
TEE Sarah Wife Married 63 Milton
90 High Street EALES Joseph Head Married 49 Foreman platelayer Bugbrook
EALES Sarah Wife Married 23 Collingtree
WARD Harold Stepson 11 Northampton
EALES John Son 3 Milton
91 High Street SMITH Charles Head Married 34 Railway Signalman Little Stuckley, Hunts
SMITH Harriet Wife Married 35 Bramley, Hants
SMITH Harold Son 6 Cotton, Beds
92 High Street BRAY Thomas Head Married 39 Brewery cellarman Collingtree
BRAY Sarah Wife Married 35 Greenford Green, MDX
93 High Street WOOD Sarah Head Widow 85 Living on own means Endby, Leics
94 High Street DAVIS James Head Married 70 Farm labourer Blisworth
DAVIS Mary Wife Married 68 Milton
DAVIS George Son Single 21 Farm labourer Milton
DAVIS Alfred Grandson 16 Carter on farm Milton
DAVIS Ethel Granddaughter 8 Northampton St James
95 High Street MARKS George Head Married 46 Carter and Higgler Milton
MARKS Grace Wife Married 44 Manchester, Lancs
MARKS Alfred Son Single 20 Brewers labourer Milton
MARKS Thomas Son 17 Brewers labourer Milton
MARKS Frank Son 13 Farm labourer Milton
MARKS Louis Son 10 Schoolboy Milton
MARKS Winifred Daughter 4 Schoolgirl Milton
96 High Street WEST Jesse Head Married 28 Railway signalman Castlethorpe
WEST Caroline Wife Married 29 Hanslope, Bucks
WEST Minnie Daughter 1 Milton
CLARKE Rosina Neice 9 Castlethorpe, Bucks
97 High Street OXLEY Joseph Head Married 48 General labourer Milton
OXLEY Elizabeth Wife Married 46 Milton
OXLEY Joseph Son Single 25 Brewers labourer Milton
98 High Street COCKERILL Martha Head Single 47 Living on own means Milton
CASWELL William Brother in law Widower 40 Farm labourer Milton
CASWELL Carrie Neice Neice 16 Help domestic Milton
99 High Street TOWNSEND George Head Married 39 Railway platelayer Grimscote
TOWNSEND Emily Wife Married 28 Milton
TOWNSEND Agnes Daughter 8 Milton
TOWNSEND John Son 8 Milton
HOLLIDAY Isaac Father in law Married 62 Church verger Culworth
HOLLIDAY Ruth? Mother in law Married 62 Lilbourne
100 Workhouse Yard ASHBY William Head Married 56 Brickyard labourer Bugbrook
ASHBY Sarah Wife Married 52 Bugbrook
ASHBY Christiana Daughter Single 15 Help domestic Milton
101 Workhouse Yard HODGES Josiah Head Widower 74 Retired farmer Milton
102 Workhouse Yard COLLAR James Head Married 42 Stockman on farm Brackley
COLLAR Angelina Wife Married 38 Upper Heyford
COLLAR Frederick Son Single 19 Farm labourer ordinary Lower Boddington
COLLAR Edith Daughter 12 Lower Boddington
COLLAR Margaret Daughter 10 Rothersthorpe
COLLAR Douglas Son 8 Rothersthorpe
COLLAR William Son 6 Rothersthorpe
COLLAR Thomas Son 4 Rothersthorpe
COLLAR Beatrice Daughter 3 Milton
COLLAR Henry? Son 1 month Milton
103 Workhouse Yard WILKINSON? Richard Head Married 37 Furnace labourer Runcorn, Cheshire
WILKINSON? Emma Wife Married 40 Shutlanger
WILKINSON? Joseph Son 15 Ag Lab Shutlanger
WILKINSON? Samuel Son 12 Ag Lab Shutlanger
WILKINSON? Wilfred Son 9 Shutlanger
WILKINSON? Barbary Daughter 7 Shutlanger
WILKINSON? Albert Son 4 Milton
104 Workhouse Yard HURST Elizabeth Head Widow 63 Living on own means Milton
HURST John Son Single 37 Brickyard labourer Milton
HURST Sarah Daughter Single 20 Help domestic Milton
ROBINSON Mary Daughter Married 27 Soldiers wife Milton
ROBINSON Charlie Grandson 2 Northampton
ROBINSON Edward Grandson 7 months Milton
105 Workhouse Yard FITZHUGH John Head 56 ? labourer Northampton Kingsthorpe
FITZHUGH Elizabeth Wife 55 Milton
FITZHUGH Harry Son Single 17 Carter (Builders) Milton
106 Greyhound Yard EAST Charlotte Head Single 30 Milton
Inn EAST Arthur Nephew 15 Licenced victuallar Eakley Lane, Bucks
OLLINER? Eliza Visitor Single 26 London, Cripplegate
BIRCH William Visitor Single 27 Shoemaker (Clicker) Daventry
107 Greyhound Yard DIGBY Eliza Head Widow 71 Living on own means Milton
DIGBY Albert Son Single 29 ? labourer Milton
108 Greyhound Yard MARKS Joseph Head Married 54 Labourer in Brickfield Milton
MARKS Elizabeth Wife Married 52 Milton
MARKS Edward Son Single 22 Ag Lab Milton
109 Greyhound Yard FLETCHER Esther Head Widow 77 Living on own means Bugbrook
110 Greyhound Yard GOFF John Head Widower 56 Brickworks labourer Kingsthorpe
GOFF Charles Son Single 17 General labourer Milton
GOFF Alice Daughter 14 Milton
111 The Laurels EAST Walter Head Married 36 Brewer common? London Clerkenwell
EAST Jane Wife Married 35 Cosgrove. Bucks
EAST Walter Son 10 Northampton, St Giles
EAST Cecilia Daughter 8 Milton
EAST Charlotte Daughter 6 Collingtree
EAST George Son 3 Milton
EAST Florence Daughter 2 Milton
EAST Lewis Son 4 months Milton
112 Poors cottage? CHURCH William Head Married 72 Platelayer on railway Milton
CHURCH Marian Daughter Single 33 Housekeeper to father Milton
CHURCH Francis Grandson 14 Ag Lab Milton
113 Poors cottage ROBINSON John Head Single 57 Carter Milton
ROBINSON Mary Ann Sister Single 59 Housekeeper domestic Milton
ROBINSON William Brother Single 53 Ag Lab Milton
114 The Grove MARRIOTT Mary Ann Head Widow 71 Living on own means London, Dalston
MARRIOTT Marian Granddaughter Single 24 Keeper domestic Milton
115 Grove Cottage GARRET Martha Head Widow 90 Living on own means Northampton
WILBY Elizabeth Neice Single 60 Sick nurse Chelveston
116 High Street VOSS Alice Head Widow 72 Living on own means Milton
WOODING Agnes Neice Single 25 Help domestic Northampton
117 High Street PLOWMAN Thomas Head Widower 64 Ag Lab Stoke Bruerne
BIRDSEYE Hilda Granddaughter 15 Help domestic London, Acton
118 High Street STOCKFORD Benjamin Head Married 32 Dairyman Blisworth
STOCKFORD Kate Wife Married 30 Housewife Great Billing
GARRETT Sidney Boarder Single 17 Groom domestic Milton
GARRETT Ernest Boarder 15 Milk boy Milton
119 High Street STOCKFORD Elijah Head Married 56 Millers horsekeeper Syresham
STOCKFORD Frances Wife Married 56 Housewife Milton
GARRETT George Boarder 13 Boy on farm Milton
GARRETT William Boarder 12 Scholar Milton
120 The Post Office ROBINSON Charles Head Married 72 Grocer & shopkeeper Newport, Bucks
ROBINSON Charlotte Wife Married 80 Grocer & shopkeeper Rothersthorpe
ROBINSON Harriet Daughter Single 43 Post mistress Milton
121 High Street WALKER Peter Head Married 46 Brickyard labourer Roade
WALKER Emma Wife Married 43 Hartwell
WALKER Albert Son 12 Garden help domestic Milton
WALKER Annie Daughter 7 Milton
122 High Street LANGLEY Charles Head Married 41 Shoemaker finisher? Ecton
LANGLEY Sarah Wife Married 39 Bugbrook
LANGLEY Gertie Daughter 12 Bugbrook
LANGLEY Jessie Daughter 9 Milton
LANGLEY Charles Son 7 Milton
LANGLEY Ethel Daughter 3 Milton
123 High Street FLETCHER Edward Head Married 33 Railway labourer Milton
FLETCHER Florence Wife Married 38 Geddington
FLETCHER William Son 14 Ag Lab Milton
FLETCHER George Son 12 Ag Lab Milton
FLETCHER Elizabeth Daughter 7 Milton
FLETCHER Walter Son 5 Milton
124 High Street LACK Harry Head Married 35 Brickyard labourer Milton
LACK Louisa Wife Married 38 Fewcott? Oxon
LACK Gertrude Daughter 12 Milton
LACK Eliza Daughter 10 Milton
LACK Elsie Daughter 8 Milton
LACK Rose Daughter 6 Milton
LACK Winifred Daughter 3 Milton
LACK Doris Daughter 1 Milton
LACK Thomas Brother Single 20 Railway labourer Milton
LACK Margaret Sister Single 16 Help domestic Milton
125 High Street CASWELL Mary Head Widow 76 Living on own means Kislingbury
126 High Street CLARKE Elizabeth Head Widow 74 Living on own means Hartwell
WALKER Charles Grandson 10 Milton
127 High Street ROBINSON Daniel Head 56 Brickyard labourer Milton
ROBINSON Patience Wife 49 Blisworth
ROBINSON Alice Daughter 9 Blisworth
128 High Street BEESON James Head Married 39 Farmer Great Kingshill? Bucks
BEESON Sarah Wife Married 41 Milton
BEESON Florence Daughter 15 Help domestic Middlesex, Acton
BEESON Walter Son 14 Farmers son Middlesex, Acton
129 High Street ASHBY Charles Head Married 38 Shoe finisher Milton
ASHBY Susan Wife Married 40 Crowfield
ASHBY William Son 12 Northampton
ASHBY Nellie Daughter 11 Northampton
ASHBY Frederick Son 5 Milton
ASHBY Horace Son 1 Milton
130 Milton House ALEXANDER E Disney Head Married 43 Civil Mechanical Engineer Ganton? Yorks
ALEXANDER Amy Wife Married 40 Loddington
ALEXANDER E Juana? Daughter 13 Newcastle on Tyne
ALEXANDER E Montgomery Son 12 Surrey, Richmond
ALEXANDER N Legard Son 6 Surrey, Richmond
131 The Rectory GROSS Alfred Head Married 45 Clergyman C of E Rector Greenwich, Kent
GROSS Julia Wife Married 41 Northampton
GROSS Geoffrey Nephew 10 London, Dulwich
TOOMER John Gordon Visitor 11 Swindon, Wilts
LAW Alfred Visitor Single 70 Clergyman C of E Curate Haklewell, Middlesex?
NOAKE? Mary Servant Single 25 Cook domestic Milton
PARTRIDGE Eleanor Servant Single 22 Housemaid domestic Riseley, Beds
WESTLEY Emily Servant 13 Housemaid domestic Collingtree
132 Mortimer House MONTGOMERY Frances Head Single 72 Living on own means Holcott
MICKLEY Emma Servant Single 48 Cook comestic London, Battersea
PARTRIDGE Sarah Servant Single 23 Housemaid domestic Riseley, Beds
133 Manor House ASPLIN James Head Married 62 Farmer Milton
ASPLIN Mary Wife Married 47 Milton
ASPLIN Frederick Son 10 Milton
ASPLIN Arthur Son 5 Milton
134 Water Hall LEEDEN William Head Married 72 Shepherd on Farm Warboys, Hunts
LEEDEN Hester Wife Married 73 Sutton, Cambs
135 Rectory Cottage SHARPE Samuel Head Married 32 Coachman domestic Clifton Regis, Bucks?
SHARPE Beatrice Wife Married 27 Wolverhampton
SHARPE Cyril Son 2 Kettering
136 The Lodge BUTCHER William Head Married 34 Farmer Northampton
BUTCHER Annie Wife Married 32 Maidford
Asplins Lodge
137 Milton Main Line Crossing ROBINSON Edward Head Married 56 Platelayer Railway Roade
ROBINSON Sarah Wife Married 60 Blisworth
ROBINSON Harry Son Single 17 Railway labourer Milton
138 Railway cottages ROBINSON Arthur Head Single 56 Railway labourer Milton
ROBINSON Mary Mother Widow 72 Living on own means Milton
ROBINSON Mary Sister Single 30 Help domestic Milton
ROBINSON Anthony Nephew 4 Milton
139 Railway cottages HURST Thomas Head Married 31 Platelayer Railway Milton
HURST Olive Wife Married 28 Tiffield
HURST Thomas Son 1 Milton
140 Signal Box L & N SWANNELL Henry Head Married 25 Railway signalman Gamblingay, Cambs
141 Collingtree Lodge MORRIS Joseph Head Married 43 Farm Bailiff Denton
MORRIS Elizabeth Wife Married 40 Stoke Goldington, Bucks
MORRIS Alice Daughter 15 Northants ?
MORRIS Elsie Daughter 12 Northants ?
YORK Arthur Lodger Single 20 Milkman on Farm Moulton
142 Milton Ham MANNING Charles Head Married 51 Farmer Milton Ham
MANNING Florence Wife Married 41 Wife of farmer Holcot
MANNING Frank Son Single 22 Farmers son Scaldwell
JELLIS? Mary Servant Single 25 Servant domestic Gt Creaton
143 Milton Ham CHILDS Daniel Head Married 61 Waggoner on farm Bletsoe, Beds
CHILDS Anne Wife Married 57 Milton
CHILDS Frederick Son Single 16 Groom domestic Milton Ham
144 Milton Ham NEWCOMB Joseph Head Married 57 Shepherd on farm Leicester
NEWCOMB Martha Wife Married 61 Spratton
NEWCOMB Charles Son Single 29 Cattleman on farm Quinton
NEWCOMB Letitia Daughter Single 14 Quinton