Oral History

The Society is steadily building its audio archive of interviews with some of Milton Malsor’s longest residents.

For technical reasons it is not possible to make all of the material available through the Website. However, details of the interviews are available here, together with short audio extracts which are designed to give a flavour of the complete recording – click on the loudspeaker symbol to hear the extract.

Many of the recordings contain interviewees’ memories of life in Milton during World War 2. Some were anxious about family members who were “called-up” and from whom they would be seperated from 1939 until 1946. Others remember troop movements, bombing, rationing, POWs, and the plight of evacuees who were accommodated in Milton. These stories from those manning the “Home Front” have been compiled into a 43 minute audio CD entitled ”Adolf Hitler: Milton’s part in his downfall“; see our Publications page for more details.

Villager: Bob Kingston

Recording ID: BK020210
Interviewer: Mick Tack
Date: 2nd February 2010
Length: 18 minutes
Topic: Growing up in Milton & life during WWII

Bob recalls a cow with anthrax
Keeping the accumulators charged!

Villager: Miss Alexander

Recording ID: MA041109
Interviewer: Malcolm Deacon
Date: 4th November 2009
Length: 25 minutes
Topic: The history of “Mortimers” and Milton memories

Farm work and “gleaning”.

 Villager: Marjorie Carter

Recording ID: MC140408
Interviewer: Julie Marshall
Date: 14th April 2008
Length: 55 minutes
Topic: Family background, growing up in Milton, wartime & post-war memories

The village celebrates VE Day
Marjorie recalls early holidays with the children

Villager: Ken Johnson

Recording ID: KJ180808
Interviewer: None
Date: Various dates, 2006-2008
Length: 1 hr 25 minutes
Topic: Family background and growing up in Milton Malsor

A narrow escape – boys will be boys!

Villager: Joy Meakins

Recording ID: JM050607
Interviewer: Julie Marshall
Date: 5th June 2007
Length: 26 minutes
Topics: School days and early working life

Joy remembers working at Blisworth Station
The hazards of cycling to work

Villager: Joy Meakins

Recording ID: JM200607
Interviewer: Julie Marshall
Date: 20th June 2007
Length: 37 minutes
Topics: War time and village shops

Joy recalls taking Sunday lunch to her husband and son, fishing by the canal
The ‘Woolworths’ and ‘Harrods’ of Milton

Villager: Edie Borley

Recording ID: EB210507
Interviewer: Julie Marshall
Date: 21st May 2007
Length: 30 minutes
Topics: War time memories and Milton Post Offices

A bomb drops uncomfortably close to Milton
Life is tough with no mains water

Villager: Edie Borley

Recording ID: EB060507
Interviewer: Julie Marshall
Date: 6th May 2007
Length: 35 minutes
Topic: Growing up in Milton Malsor

Edie recalls a time when school discipline was more severe than it is today!

Villager: Tom Paul

Recording ID: TP130508
Interviewer: Steve Hunt
Date: 13th May 2008
Length: 63 minutes
Topics: School days, starting work, war service in the Commandos

One of the pumps in Blacksmith’s Yard is condemned
Tom sees his first dead soldier, during the invasion of Sicily
Tom described D-Day as “bedlam”. The Commandos were trained to get off the beaches as quickly as possible