A number of books and other items are available through the Society, and other publications are in the pipeline.

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Adolf Hitler: Milton’s part in his downfall!

Like countless other small communities up and down the country, Milton Malsor found that it was not immune from the effects of WWII. This 43 minute audio CD gives a sense of what wartime meant for Milton as recalled by six villagers: Edie Borley and Marjory Carter, whose husbands were called up into the Royal Navy and Army respectively; Joy Meakins, Ken Johnson and Bob Kingston, who were schoolchildren at the time; and Tom Paul who joined 41 Commando and saw action in Sicily, Italy and Europe – including (as he describes it) the bedlam of D-Day!

Click on the CD image to hear an extract.

Price:£5 plus p&p

The Milton Malsor History Trail

A 53 minute DVD describing over 70 sites of historical interest in Milton Malsor. It comprises more than 200 photographs of Milton “Now & Then” and is accompanied by a map showing the location of each site.

Price:£7 plus p&p

Milton Malsor – History Revisited

This book, written and produced by Alan Digby, runs to nearly 200 pages and is packed with photographs recording the life of Milton Malsor with particular emphasis on the period from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Price:£10 plus p&p

Thomas Marriott and the Baptists of Milton Malsor

A 48 page booklet with over 20 black and white photographs describing the life of Thomas Marriott and the role he played in establishing the Baptist movement in Milton Malsor. Researched and compiled by Peter Marks; edited, designed and illustrated by Malcolm Deacon. [MMHS publication]

Price:£5 plus p&p

Millenium Cross-stitch wall hanging

This 15 page booklet describes a cross-stitch wall hanging which was produced to commemorate the Millenium and is now displayed in the parish church. The booklet records how the project was conceived and developed, and describes the various village dwellings, buildings and organisations which feature in the wall hanging. [MMHS publication]

Price:£1 plus p&p

The Story of Milton Malzor

The Story of Milton Malzor, by the then Rector – Rev B E Evans MA, was first published as a hardback in 1924; very few copies of the original edition survive. This paperback re-print was published in December 1997 and has made Rev Evans work more widely accessible. Containing over 300 pages of text and illustrations, it chronicles the history of Milton from the time of the Domesday Book through to the end of the First World War. This edition is limited to a single printing of 500 copies, so “when they’re gone, they’re gone”!

Price:£10 plus p&p [All proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the upkeep of the Parish Church]