Times – Now & Then

This section contains articles about village sites, individuals, families, and organisations that are of historic interest, and also recollections passed on to us by villagers. Please use the links in the box below to navigate to items of interest.

Christmas past

Ken and Lesley Johnson share memories of Christmas time in Milton Malsor; with additional contributions from Edith Sharp and Alan Digby.

The Church clock

A history of the clock and its refurbishment in 2012.

United Services Fund

The story of how the village’s ex-servicemen were helped after the First World War.

Marjorie Carter

The oldest female resident to have been born in Milton and spent her whole life in the village.

Richard Johnson

Life long supporter of the church, who died unexpectedly in January 2012

Reflections on village characters and farming life

By Miss Alexander.

A plea for the old church clock

Poem by Mrs JC Emery appealing to villagers to support cleaning of the church clock.

Uncle Jim

A poem by Anne Hunt (nee turner) describing memories of her uncle Jim Turner who was the village blacksmith.

Village Park refurbishment

An account of the refurbishment of the Village Park whose opening was celebrated with a Gala Day on 2nd May 2011.

The Baptist Chapel

A brief history of the Baptist Chapel and the unveiling in 2010 of one of the Society’s historical building plaques

Cricket Club

A brief history of the club which lasted for 10 years in the 1960s and 1970s.

Jean Wormald

One of the village’s most colourful and fascinating characters.

The Workhouse & Village Hall

A short history of the Village Hall, which was built on the site of the old Workhouse Yard.

Milton Band

Featured on a BBC Home Service broadcast, but it was not their finest hour!

Dunkley’s Yard

Describes the location of one of the village’s “lost yards” and recalls the memories of one who lived there.

Milton Rectory

Outlines the history of the Rectory with particular emphasis on its use during the 1960s when the Hubbard family lived there.

The Manor House

A brief history of this tudor building, and details of its recent restoration.

Rev Samuel Wigg

Founder of Northampton Rugby Club and resident of Milton.

James Harrington

Attendant to King Charles I, who spent 7 years of his childhood in The Manor House.

The Pell Family

Off-licence owners, Masonic Grandmasters and Northampton Saints players.

The Digby Family

500 years in Milton Malsor.

Memories of Florence Turner

Nostalgic recollections of Florence Turner, who lived in the village for most of her life until her death in 1965 at the age of 80.

Hope Brewery

An account of an inspection visit to the Hope Brewery in the late 1890s by Alfred Barnard.

Women’s Institute

A brief history of the Institute which began in Milton in 1925.

Cycle Speedway

A brief history of the Milton Stars Cycle Speedway Club (1950-1955)