Milton Band – a few wrong notes

During the Second World War the BBC broadcast a series of talks by “Mr Middleton” on the Home Service encouraging people to grow their own food in support of the Government’s “Dig for Victory” campaign. Middleton was the first celebrity gardener, and during the war years nearly 3,500,00 listened to his popular and practical broadcasts.

Edith Sharp remembers listening to those talks well and she tells how each year a Produce Show would be held in Milton with Mr Middleton attending and talking to his audience through the different sections. Milton Band provided the music on these occasions. One year the village denizens were gathered round their radios to listen-in. The band struck up, and for a time everything was fine. Then one or two wrong notes crept in. The playing got worse and worse until the piece ended in uproar. What had happened?

Well the band were playing out of doors and a sudden breeze sprang up lifting the loose sheet music off the players’ stands. Determined not to let anyone down, the bandsmen pluckily kept playing without their music with the inevitable result.