Trees and more trees

Many of our villagers over the years have contributed to the well being of the village in so many different ways. You only have to look at the variety of photos in the Archives, the May Day and Fun Day photos etc., read the entries in ‘Times – Now and Then’, or even listen to the snippets of Oral History to realise how diverse the activities have been.

More recently, an acorn from Blenheim Palace was grown ‘on’ in the churchyard to commemorate the life of Winston Churchill, and Parish Councils over the years have planted trees, including those along Collingtree Road (Church Hill), Barn Lane and the commemorative trees on the Memorial Green.

To this day, someone who wishes to remain anonymous has also planted trees along the top half of Rectory Lane, along the borders of the Recreation Ground and elsewhere.

During November 2006, the current Parish Council launched a new and continuing Tree Planting Project and some sixty odd trees are now planted on public ground or on adjacent farmland. These have been funded by financial contributions or by the donation of a tree, from companies based in the parish, members of the village, their relations or friends, and village organisations. If you would like to contribute to this project, then please contact The MMHS Secretary or The MMPC Parish Clerk.

Jointly, the Parish Council and MMHS maintain a database to record the location of these trees and will of course for those yet to be planted, including the commemorative and personal details where applicable.