George Twiselton

Service No: M2/188715
Rank: Sergeant (Acting Sgt Major)
Regiment / Service: Royal Army Service Corps, 381st Motor Transport Company
Age: 41
Date of death: 9th March 1919
Memorial / Grave: North boundary of Holy Cross Church, Milton Malsor
Additional information: Only son of Reuben & Eliza Twiselton, Little Green, Milton

George Twiselton was born in Milton Malsor in 1878 and during his working years became a driver of horse drawn and mechanised brewers drays. George married Annie Branson on August 3rd 1903, and by the outbreak of the First World War they had a son Reuben and 5 daughters.

Due to his age, family responsibilities and his civilian occupation, he was placed on the reserved occupations list at the time war was declared in 1914, so he was not called to the colours immediately. Throughout the war the losses of men being wounded or killed continued to escalate and the Government gave orders that more conscripts should be enlisted from the reserved groups. George joined the RASC in 1916 and was attached to the 381st Motorised Section when sent to France.

By the time of the cease-fire in 1918 he was an Acting Sgt Major and later returned home to a delighted family, but in the year 1919 died from influenza and was laid to rest in the cemetery of The Holy Cross Church, Milton Malsor. As befitted a soldier with the rank of Acting Sgt Major he was buried with full military honours. Interestingly, the influenza pandemic of 1918-19 caused more deaths worldwide – approximately 30 million – than the number of people killed in the First World War!

At the outbreak of WW2 Reuben, the only son of George, joined his father’s old RASC regiment and went to France as an ambulance driver with the British Expeditionary Force. Along with many others, he withdrew to the Dunkirk beaches but turned down evacuation back to the UK, choosing instead to stay behind and give assistance to the many wounded. He was later taken prisoner and held a Prisoner of War for 5 years until released by American soldiers in 1945. He died in 1988 aged 81 years. He had one son, George Twiselton, who today is a successful business man in America.

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