History Trail - Introduction

Milton 1935 Since Domesday there has been a village here, and by the year 2005 there were some 300 dwellings and approximately 700 villagers. There are still some older buildings interspersed with the new as the change from a rural aspect to a more residential environment has taken place.

The industrial revolution, two World Wars and our social structure have all left their mark on village life. The Church of the Holy Cross and later the Baptist Church and the Primitive Chapel have of course played their part in the village community, but so too have the village pubs, the numerous locations of the village shop and the Post Office.

You can see some, but by no means all, of the more prominent buildings or locations by viewing the History Trail and then hover your mouse pointer over a red pin to read a little about the location and in some cases see a picture of it. You may be interested to compare the overhead pictures of today’s Milton with the 1935 map of the village on the right.

The Society has produced a 53 minute History Trail DVD which describes over 70 sites of historical interest in the village. See the Publications page for more details.