School Photographs

In many instances the images shown on this page are available at higher resolution off-line, so if you need a high resolution version please note the image’s file reference and contact the Society to check availability.

  • 1921 or 1922

  • 1946

  • 1961

  • 1922 or 1923

L-R Back row: J Shead, Lewis Lainsbury, Charlie Tack, Ernie Billing, Reg Pearson, Reg Turner, Tom Newberry, Wilf Newcombe. Middle upper: Ethel Newcombe, John Turner, Bernard Fossey, Joe Billing, Frank Manning, Les Tompkins, Millicent Turner, Ralf Mynard, Sid Newcombe, Ray Turner, George Newcombe. Middle lower: Chris Sweet, Kit Sweet, Vera Fossey, Nellie Mallard, Linda Tompkins, Lilley Lainsbury, Annie Newberry, Nellie Newberry, Kathline Gomme, Margaret Pearson, Ida Turner, Gwen Manning, ???, Alec Tack, Vera Young, Eunice Mynard. Front row: Joe Fossey, Annie Turner, Ken Pearson, Hugh Manning, Edna Tompkins, Stan Tompkins, Miriam Tompkins, Jack Leeden, Phillis Mallard, Millie Mynard, Monty Stratford, Ada Billing.